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Gigantic Owls of Far Eastern Russia

With a six-foot wingspan, Blakiston's fish owls need large trees to nest in, such as those found in old-growth forests along the banks of rivers and streams in Russia's Far Eastern region. In the normal course of their lifespan, these massive tr... read more

Visit the Marine Reserve on Peter the Great Bay

Dalnevostochny Morskoy Zapovednik, located in the sparkling turquoise waters of Peter the Great Bay on the coast of Primorski Krai, was the first of Russia's nature reserves created with the goal of protecting marine ecosystems. The unique under... read more

The Museums of Kaliningrad

Russia's westernmost oblast, Kaliningrad, is located on the Baltic Sea coast between Lithuania and Poland. As the capital of the oblast, the city of Kaliningrad lies at the mouth of the Pregolya River and has long been an important port and trad... read more

Exploring Russia's Blue Lake

Located in a remote area in North Caucasus, between the Caspian and Black Seas, the spectacular blue waters of Lake Goluboe, also known simply as the Blue Lake, are thought to conceal what may be the largest karst cave system in the world. It ha... read more

Enjoy the Natural Splendor of the Altai Mountains

Holidaymakers looking to take a complete break from the stresses of everyday life, and reconnect with nature, will find what they need in the spectacular Altai Mountains of Russia. In fact, the Altai Mountains are not restricted to Russian terri... read more

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