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Whether it's the snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains or the ancient domed majesty of Saint Petersburg, Russia has a lot to offer. Access to the most beautiful and remote locations as well as to the bustling cities is readily available - all you need to do is book your tickets.

Generally speaking, the most popular spots and attractions in Russia are Moscow, Saint Petersburg, the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Sakhalin Island, Lake Baikal, Altai, the Far East, the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Golden Ring, Karelia and North Russia, the Caucasus Mountains and Yakutia

The travel networks of the country are many and varied. Some are more extensive than others, so it is a good idea to see what is available in the area you plan to visit before you leave home. Below is a basic description of these services.


Russia has quite a few international airports which provide for travel in and out of the country. Most visitors will arrive in the country by air and then travel to their destinations with some other form of transport. Helicopters are very popular in the country as they provide easy access to great skiing spots.


The network of railways in Russia probably provides the most extensive form of transportation throughout the country. The Railway system was started with the building of the Trans-Siberian railway many years ago and it has since gone from strength to strength. In more recent years, a metro system is being properly established. Transport by train is cheap and reliable and you can usually find a train that will take you to where you want to go.


There are a few busses which can be boarded for inter-town transportation. These are handy if you wish to explore the cities along your planned route at your own pace. They usually do not operate after working hours so if you are relying on bus services, you take this into consideration.


You can hire cars in Russia to use for the duration of your trip. There is a good highway system to accommodate the growing usage of motor vehicles in the country. There are also quite a few jeep tours available for the more adventurous.


Some places in Russia can be better reached by crossing the icy waters of this vast continent. There are quite a few ferry services but boats are mostly used to explore the polar regions above Russia where there are a few wildlife reserves. There are also a few pleasure cruises on offer.


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