Tour Moscow and be amazed

There are many tour packages available for people who wish to visit Moscow. The capital city of Russia has some splendid sights to offer and by taking a tour package, you can ensure that you will see most of them. From traditional Russian palaces to exquisite museums, you can be sure you will not be disappointed.

So, what might you like to include in one of these tours? The Kremlin is always a good start. This impressive building has been the seat of Russian government for many years. Not too far away, you will find Lenin's Mausoleum which houses the remains of the Russian politician. St Basil's Cathedral is a delight to the eyes and Red Square has an interesting history.

Arts and culture are certainly not in shortage in this culturally rich country. Moscow offers some fine theatres and galleries to wet your taste buds. The famous Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, for instance, offers old and new, local and foreign masterpieces. There are also quite a few natural sites worth visiting just outside of Moscow.

You may choose to arrange your trip with an English-speaking tour guide so that you can get the most benefit from the experience. The food and accommodation can be top notch or more moderately graded, depending on your finances. The attractions mentioned above are only just a small taste of the many delights that Moscow has to offer.


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