Tour Russia for the experience of a lifetime

Recent years have seen exciting developments with regards to Russian tourism. The Russian government has started to open up vast areas that were previously off-limits to visitors – both local and international. For the truly intrepid adventurer, Russia presents a lifetime's worth of unexplored terrain that is just waiting to be discovered.

For those who have a taste for relaxation, there are plenty of places to visit that are within easy distance of a comfy hotel. You may even want to embark on a leisurely river boat cruise. But for those who prefer the more exciting outdoor adventures there are guided tours for almost anything, almost anywhere.

Russia has a wealth of animal and plant life, much of which is fairly specific to the country. If you love animals and would enjoy seeing them in their natural habitats, then why not support Russian wildlife by taking a Wildlife Tour. There is an option to cater for every taste.

The historical city of St. Petersburg is truly a jewel amongst jewels. It was built by Peter the Great and it provides a bright, multi-faceted window into the past as well as the present. It has so much to see and do that a short tour truly does not do it justice. If you are planning a trip to Russia, a visit to the picturesque city of St. Petersburg is a must.

There are many tours packages available for people who wish to visit Moscow. The capital city of Russia has some splendid sights to offer and by taking a tour package, you can ensure that you will see most of them. From traditional Russian palaces to exquisite museums, you can be sure you will not be disappointed. So book a Russian tour today and make the most of your time spent in this exquisite country.


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