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The historical city of St. Petersburg is truly a gem in Russia's crown. It was built by Peter the Great as a sort of "Russian Paris" and it provides a brightly multi-faceted window into the past as well as the present. It has so much to see and do that a short tour truly does not do it justice. If you are planning a trip to Russia, a visit to the picturesque city of St. Petersburg is a must.

Perhaps the most well known attraction in St Petersburg is the Winter Palace; a place where tsars once resided. Built between 1754 and 1762, it is an imperial building lavished with gold and green, and it is the most visited of the State Hermitage buildings. An even more inspiring building is the Savior on Blood Church. Built on the spot where Czar Alexander 11 was murdered, the building took almost a quarter of a century to complete. The reason it took so long is because of the impressive mosaics which adorn the building. More than 20 types of minerals and Italian marble have been used on the iconostasis, canopy, icon cases and floor. It is truly a masterpiece.

Another well known Russian figure is the Bronze Horseman. This magnificent statue and its history is included in most tours. Other popular attractions are the Palace Square, the Anichkov Bridge, Peter-and-Paul's Fortress, the Nevsky prospect, the Kazan Cathedral, the Russian Museum, the Summer Garden, Michael's Castle and the Monastery of Alexander Nevsky, to name but a few.

As you tour this magnificent and beautiful city, the brightly colored onion domes will surely stand out in your mind and the richness of your trip will stay with you forever. St. Petersburg is a traveler's delight.


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