Expand your horizons with a Russian Wildlife Tour

Russia has a wealth of animal and plant life, much of which is fairly specific to the country. If you love animals and would enjoy seeing them in their natural habitats, then why not support Russian wildlife by taking a Wildlife Tour. There is an option to cater for every taste.

If you enjoy developing your photographic talents, then why not take a Photo-hunting tour. One of the best regions for this is just outside of Moscow, so it is a nice detour to a more conventional trip. While out in the wilds you can might see brown bear, wolf, moose, wild boar, red deer, lynx, fox, capercaillie, wild duck, goose and black cock. These are just a few of the animals in this area! You can also take the opportunity to visit a wildlife farm and see how the animals are cared for.

Many of us have seen lovely pictures of sweet little seal pups. Tours can be organized where you get to not only see these darling creatures in real life but you get to touch them too! It's the experience of a lifetime.

Balugas have fascinated man for many centuries. Watch these magnificent and gentle creatures frolicking in the White Sea as they mate, socialize and give birth. Or if the idea of glimpsing the famous Siberian Tiger (Amur Tiger) thrills and excites you, why not go on a wildlife tour of the Far East and see if you can spot one?

You can also see birds, visit islands, see the Pacific Ring of Fire, bath in one of Russia's hot springs or spend some quality time with the untouched wildlife of the Taiga. There is really so much amazing wildlife in Russia that you will find no shortage of things to choose from and enjoy.


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