Push the limits with Russian Aerobatic Tours

Many of us have glanced up at the skies to see a passing jet doing graceful aerobatics that take your breath away. The beauty of these metallic birds of the sky often creates a wistfulness to be in the cockpit and to feel the rush and thrill of screaming through the sky at incredible speeds or doing difficult aerobatic maneuvers. Well, that is a desire that can now be entertained.

In Russia, there are two main choices of flight are the L-39 Albatross and the MiG-29 Falcrum. These glistening beauties will have you soaring through the skies, screaming your heart out and loving every minute of it. You can choose to have an aerobatic flight or an aerial tour of Moscow or the Golden Circle - It just depends on your sense of taste and the strength of your stomach!

The L-39 Albatross is an excellent aerobatic plane. A tour on one of these will allow you to pilot the airplane yourself as you are taught to perform aerobatic maneuvers that you usually only see at air shows. If you prefer a little more adrenalin, the famous Russian MiG fighter jet will get your blood pumping. This supersonic aircraft can also be self-piloted under the guidance of a trained professional and will leave you gasping for air. Besides the Albatross and Falcrum, there is a large variety of other aircraft for you to choose from and, if you do choose to do an aerial tour of the cities, you will most likely do it in a helicopter. Most aerobatic trips last 20-25 minutes (in the Albatross) or 30-35 minutes (in the MiG) while the aerial tours last approximately 3 hours.

The aerobatic tours are designed to be as safe as possible and a mandatory full health inspection by a trained professional is provided before lift off. After the ride of a life time, you can get your picture taken with your 'co-pilot' to put on your trophy shelf. It's the experience of a lifetime.


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