Airports in Russia explored

In a country that is as immensely big as Russia, air transportation becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. While some may choose to use the Trans-Siberian Railway instead, air transport offers the luxury of speed and convenience. However, not every city has an airport and some areas may be difficult to access by air. However, the main parts of Russia enjoy good air coverage and the country has a total of 394 airports. Of these a massive 70 are considered to be international airports offering a broader spectrum of airlines and flight passages than other, smaller Russian airports.

Unfortunately many westerners traveling to regional airports may find themselves appalled at the level of service sometimes found here. They must remember that Russia has just emerged from a dark period in the country’s history and that there is still much work to be done for places such as these to enjoy the same standards that can be found in most countries elsewhere in the world. While the international airports at many of Russia’s bigger and more popular cities are generally quite developed and organized, many regional airports are the opposite. Some may get the feeling that development has regressed here rather than progressed. You may have to lug your luggage around without any sort of portage equipment – so pack light if you plan to do plenty of flying. You may also find that staff are not as friendly and helpful as they usually are at the bigger airports. Also, if you are flying in winter, be prepared for flight delays. You should also pack warmly at this time of year since the weather is often extreme enough not only to ground flights but to keep you huddled under mounds of blankets and other clothes as you wait for the weather conditions to subside.

Visitors should not let this deter them from using Russian airports whilst traveling the country. Though regional airports may not offer as high a level of comfort and service as they are used to, they still provide perfectly acceptable flight services between various regions and are one of the quickest ways to get around the country. You will find that this section of the website has a list and brief description of the foremost airports in Russia to help you with your travel arrangements. We hope this will prove most useful to you.


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