Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow

The beautiful Russian city of Moscow has several airports – the most important of which are the Domodedovo International Airport and the Sheremetyevo International Airport. Though the Sheremetyevo Airport has long been the biggest and busiest of the two, the Domodedovo Airport has recently shot up in status, becoming the leader in domestic flights and flights to CIS countries. It has also surpassed Sheremetyevo with the number of international passengers that it caters for annually, making the Domodedovo International Airport the most important one in Russia. In 2005 the airport saw almost 14 000 000 passengers utilizing its facilities. The Domodedovo International Airport is located roughly 35 km south of Moscow’s city centre.

The Domodedovo International Airport was officially opened in 1965 with the goal of supporting long-distance domestic traffic in the USSR. Just 18 months after it was opened, a second runway was built parallel to the existing one making it the first airport to have parallel runways that are operated simultaneously. Before long, the airport was gaining momentum and growing considerably. Since 1996, the Domodedovo Airport has been operated by the East Line Group under a 75-year lease from the state. Though the state still owns the runway and controls its activities, the East Line Group arranges flights and schedules, hires staff and has also been investing in the reconstruction of the airport and the improvement of customs. It is largely due to the efforts of this group that the airport has gained so much prominence and usage over the past few years.

Most people find it interesting that the Domodedovo Airport is currently capable of controlling more than 70 take-offs and landings in just one hour. It has been extensively renovated and now features five business departure lounges, Wi-Fi Internet access, restaurants, showers, a cloakroom and even massage chairs to help ease weary travelers. The airport is linked to Moscow by the Aeroexpress train which makes access to the country’s capital easy and convenient. The East Line Group continues to work towards establishing the airport as a major international transportation hub. It has also recently upgraded security measures at the airports to ensure that no more tragedies occur here.


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