Ostafievo International Airport

The Ostafievo International Airport was once a small military terminal that was reconstructed by DAZPROMAVIA. Today, the Ostafiev Airport meets all the standards in regard to aviation facilities, and services all the internal routes including Moscow, which is the Ostafievo International Airport’s closest destination. The Ostafievo Airport opened in 2000 and is a class “B” international airport.

The airport runway is made of reinforced concrete that is 2430 meters in length and forty two meters in width. The Ostafievo International Airport also has a landing strip that is 1500 meters in length and has a width of forty eight meters. This ensures that the airport is able to accommodate most types of aircraft night and day, including helicopters. The apron of the Ostafievo Airport is a thirty six square meter area that has parking space for twelve AN-74 aircraft and another twelve parking spaces to accommodate other aircraft. The Ostafievo International Airport is also equipped with the latest modern neo-navigation systems, supported by radio systems and lighting facilities. The airport has a gliding course system and heated hangar blocks. Air traffic controllers and ground personnel speak generally English and Russian.

The Ostafievo International Airport boast a very modern air terminal that is equipped with the latest systems to enable them to do pre-flight and also post-flight procedures. The terminal is able to process approximately fifty passengers an hour. There is a cargo terminal that includes an area of four hundred and eighty square meters that is utilized as a heated storage warehouse and facilitates valuable cargo in their thirty five square meter strong room.

Ostafievo Airport is operational twenty four hours, day and night, and therefore has many terminal facilities for travelers which includes a VIP Lounge, regular lounge, automatic teller machines and refreshment stands. As the Ostafiev International Airport has international states, it also has a veterinary control that regulates incoming and outgoing animals, border control and as expected, a customs control facility. It is always advised to contact the relevant authorities in regard to your pets and items you want to bring into Russia, to get the correct information in regard to the requirements, documentation and permits.


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