Tolmachevo Airport in Novosibirsk

The first passenger flight from Novosibirsk to Moscow was made in a TU-104 jet, and took off from Airport Tolmachevo on 12 July 1957. This is where the Tolmachevo Airport had its beginning. Airport Tolmachevo is located in Novosibirsk and was part of the United Tolmachevo Aviation Enterprise until 1992. In 1992, the Airport Tolmachevo became an international and independent airport.

The Tolmachevo Airport connects cargo flights from the West of Siberia to approximately eighty Russian cities, CIS countries and international destinations. Domestic passenger flights operate on main routes of which the destinations consist of St Petersburg, Mirny, Moscow, Khaborovsk, Krasnodar and Vladivostok. The international routes that are serviced by the Tolmachevo Airport are Seoul, Kiev, Dubai and Frankfurt/Main. Airport Tolmachevo also serves as a cargo relay point that is flown to and from the CIS Asian Republics, China and Mongolia. The cargo point is essential for intermediate cargo flights that fly from Europe on route to South-East Asia.

The airport handles approximately 10 200 passenger and cargo flights annually, which is about 200 flights a week. The Tolmachevo Airport is represented by fifteen airlines that are situated within the airport building, as the airport has upgraded, being able to accommodate all types of aircraft. The airport recorded 1,2 million passengers in 2002, and is currently undergoing reconstruction to its domestic terminal, and will be constructing a new international terminal to remain up to date with modernization and international standards that are seen world wide.

The Tolmachevo Airport provides the traveller with a variety of terminal facilities such as ATM’s, an Airport Hotel, a foreign exchange currency office and drugstores. There are watch and shoe cleaning facilities, including a post office, cafes, bars, games machines and duty free shopping for gifts, refreshments and souvenirs.

Tolmachevo Airport has a veterinary station, to uphold the laws that enforced in regard to animal travel. This department issues the boarding passes for the animals. Owners are allowed to bring in either two dogs or two cats into Russia, if they are able to produce the relevant documentation that certifies that their pets have been inoculated against rabies. The same procedure applies if a resident wants to take a beloved pet with them.

Plant Quarantine at the airport ensures that no illegal plant material enters the country, and it is therefore advisable to get into contact with the authorities to confirm which plant materials, such as coffee, plant roots, vegetables and others, are allowed into Russia without a permit or quarantine period.


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