Vladivostok International Airport

Vladivostok International Airport was previously known as Kiyevichi Aiport, and is located forty four kilometres from the city centre of Vladivostok. The Vladivostok Airport is accessible by car and by train. It has a domestic and international terminal, of which the domestic terminal recently undergone reconstruction. Airport Vladivostok is capable of handling any type of aircraft, and has twenty-two parking spots available.

The Vladivostok Airport has two airfields. The first airfield, namely Key Lakes airlfield, was designed for the aircraft traffic that flies on the regional routes. Key Lakes airfield has two landing strips, which are artificially covered, and both are twenty-one meters in width. The length of these two airstrips do vary, with one airstrip being a thousand meters and the other, six hundred meters in length.

Knevichi airfield is the second airfield that is located at the Vladivostok International Airport. The two airstrips at the Knevichi airfield are also artificially covered and were designed to handle all types of aircraft, and support the landing and take-offs any flights. The first of the two runways that is part of the Knevichi airfield, is sixty meters in width and 3 500 meters in length. The surface of the runway has been covered by a mixed surface covering, named PCN 44/R/B/X/T. Knevichi’s second runway has been covered in the surface covering named PCN28/R/B/X/T and is sixty meters is width and 2 700 meters in length.

The International Terminal at Airport Vladivostok is a spectacular three story building and covers an area of four thousand eight hundred square meters. The size of the international terminal, allows Vladivostok Airport to process more than two hundred and fifty passengers in an hour.

Facilities that are offered to passengers at the Vladivostok International Airport terminals include airline ticket sales, telephone services, faxing facilities, internet services and accommodates banking. Also located within the terminal buildings are restaurants, bars, cafes, duty free shopping facilities and that is just naming a few.

Located within the grounds of the Vladivostok Airport, is the Venice Hotel. The hotel is conveniently situated near the airport, providinng weary travelers with a place to rest before moving onto the next part of their journey. Guests of the Primorye region will find affordable and comfortable accommodation at the Venice Hotel, that assures visitors of outstanding service.


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