View Exquisite Works at the Museum of Private Collections

The Museum of Private Collections is situated in Moscow, Russia, and is located right next door to the priceless collections that are found in the adjacent Pushkin Museum. The Private Collections Museum was established in Moscow by the initiative of Ilya Zilbershtein, a collector of fine art. The doors to the Museum of Private Collections opened in 1985. The museum displays private collections, as the name indicates, that were collected during the reign of the Soviet Union. Exclusive and rare personal effects that belonged to the famous artist Salvadore Dali and equally famous Henri Matisse are displayed in a permanent exhibition on the ground floor of the building.

The third floor of the Museum of Private Collections is dedicated to Russian art work. On display are many celebrated artists of the 19th century, which include the likes of Ilya Repin, Vrubel, Goncharova and Serov. Amongst the twelve collections exhibited in the museum, the Russian art on display, originates from the 16th to the 20th century. Rare art works by the 16th and 17th century artists such as Boris Kustodiev and Alexander Benois form part of the Russian collection, including the ballet set designs of Alexander Benois that were considered turn of the century. The Russian exhibit also displays illustrations by Benois, the works of Klodt and many famous poems that were written by Pushkin. Ilya Zhilbershtein’s graphic art collections and a collection of two thousand paintings are exhibited at the Private Collections Museum.

The 20th century Russian art collections can be located on the forth floor of the museum, which includes pieces by constructivist artist Alexander Rodchenko. Some of Rodchenko’s pieces included various paintings and beautifully crafted pieces of furniture. Canvasses and sketches done by artist Robert Falk are amongst the forth floor exhibits.

The Museum of Private Collections in Moscow also has a wide range of Western fine art on display, as well as extremely rare French sculptures and approximately 70 Russian icon works. The museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions to ensure a changing collection and renewed interest in the Museum of Private Collections. With its vast and very varied collections, the Museum of Private Collections has become a popular attraction and is frequently visited by tourists.


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