State Tretyakov Gallery - A Treasury of Fine Art

The State Tretyakov Gallery can be found in one of the oldest locations of Moscow, Zamoskvorechye, which can be found near the Kremlin. The Tretyakov Gallery is one of the greatest museums worldwide and contains the national treasury of Russian fine art. The State Gallery collection is made up of works purely created by Russian artists, and only by those that have made a particular contribution to the history of Russian art. Over 130 000 works, which encorporate paintings, graphics and sculptures, can be found in amongst the collection; all produced through the centuries by generations of Russian artists. This ranges from the 11th century till the early 20th century and can be found on show at Lavrushinskiy Pereulok, the gallery's historic building. Here you can view a wonderful collection of Russian Medieval icon paintings. The state Tretyakov Gallery has a new building called the Krymskiy Val house, which contains all the unique national 20th century art.

The date when the Tretyakov Gallery was founded is thought to be 1856 when Tretyakov first started collecting work from Russian artists during his time. He did this with the intention of forming a collection of art works, that he hoped would later lead to it growing to a museum of national art. "For me, a true and ardent lover of painting, there can be no finer wish to found a universally accessible repository of the fine arts, which will benefit many and give pleasure to all," wrote the collector, adding "I... should like to leave a national gallery, that is, a gallery with pictures by Russian artists." As the years passed by this dream slowly but surely came true. In 1892 Tretyakov presented art work collected around the whole of Russia from the Tretyakov Gallery. It contained around about 2,000 drawings, sculptures of genuine Russian art works and paintings.

The gallery is found at the Lavrushinskiy Pereulok and also contains the Engineering Building, which often holds temporary exhibitions such as the "Church of St. Nicholas at Tolmachi" museum, an incredible piece of 17th to 19th century architecture. The latter holds the 15th and 19th century icons and Russian national palladium that being the 12th century icon of "The Virgin of Vladimir."


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