Borey Art Gallery - Take Home a Russian Art Work

Those with an appreciation for art should take the time to visit not only the big galleries and art museums which can be found in St Petersburg but also the smaller ones. There are a number of small art galleries to be found in this beautiful and aged city and they offer a variety of art by contemporary local artists. If you would like to buy a piece of art whilst visiting the country, this would be the best sort of place to look since the artworks on display here are usually better priced than those at larger galleries. At the Borey Art Gallery you will find beautiful, unusual artworks available at a respectable price.

You will find this great little art gallery a few meters off Nevskii Prospect at 58 Liteynyy Pr. The Borey Art Gallery does not only focus on Russian artists but occasionally also displays the works of artists and photographers from further a field. The Borey Art Gallery tends to focus on paintings, graphic work and photography but you will also find some small sculptures here. The artworks and photographs on display are interesting to look at and many are quite moving. They stimulate the viewer’s imagination and cry out for interpretation. Many works are a mixture of mediums, combining paint with photography and other artistic elements. The displays are constantly changed to keep them refreshing and interesting, and while you may find a number of artworks by the same artist more than once, you will probably never see an exhibit more than once. There is also usually a section of the hall where souvenirs and interesting little sculptures created by local artists are available for purchase.

At the back of the gallery you’ll find a great little book store which not only sells but rents Russian and Western art magazines. For those art lovers looking for a great little distraction to pass the time with, this little bookstore is a gem. Visitors may choose to rent a few copies of a magazine and then return them before passing on to the next city instead of buying them and throwing them away or lugging them around with them during their travels. Clearly, the Borey Art Gallery has something for every art lover. Why not make a stop here and find out more for yourself…


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