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The Central Exhibition Hall Manege, or CEH Manege, has been located in its present location in St Petersburg since 1977. The old Horse-Guarding manege in which the Central Exhibition Hall is located was built between the years 1804 to 1807. The CEH Manege covers an area of 4 380 square meters. The first floor covers 1 900 square meters, the second floor covers 1 600 square meters and includes an area of 880 square meters that forms the anteroom. The building has two marble Dyoskurs Brothers, which are the heroes of Old Greek Mythology, that features in front of the Central Exhibition Hall Manege. The sculptures are the artwork of Paolo Triskorny, and are the smaller replicas of the beautiful sculptures that are found in front of the Kvirinalian Palace, which is in Rome. The building is a magnificent architectural masterpiece that was designed by the brilliant and famous J. Kvarengy. The building was originally built for the Lifeguard of Konnily Regiment (Konnily meaning Horse), and Kvarengy teamed up with architect Grich for the construction of the Horse Guarding Manege. The decision was taken in 1973, to move the Central Exhibition Hall Manege into the Horse Guarding Manege building, and the exterior was restored back to the original Kvarengy design. Around the Manege building, there are beautiful architectural masterpieces by architects such as A.I. Shtakenshneider, K.I. Rossy and O. Monferran.

The largest exhibitions that have been on display in the Central Exhibition Hall Manege have included Leningrad Art of Gardens and Parks in works of Artists and Architects of the 18th and 20th Century in 1983, Puskin’s World in 1990, Konnily Regiment of Lifeguard – The History in 1992, The Russian Navy is 300 Years Old in 1996 and The Clothes that was on exhibition from 1992 to 1993.

Today, the Central Exhibition Hall Manege has approximately 1 500 exhibits that range from sculptures, drawings, paintings, applying art and objects. The private collections that are on display are a variety of foreign and Russian works of art and the collection is owned by St Petersburg collectors. The private collections display the cultural heritage and history surrounding St Petersburg. Retrospective exhibits are represented by photographs, sculptures, publications, art metal work, drawings and paintings. The varied, yet wonderfully spectacular exhibits within the Central Exhibition Hall Manege make it an attraction that cannot be passed by when visiting St Petersburg.


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