Fascinating Works at the Cultural Centre on Pushkinskaya 10

The Cultural Centre is a relatively new institute starting in the 1990s, however, the concept has been around since the 1970s and 1980s. It was started and has been supported by non-conformists encouraging artistic trends that are against what is normally accepted. This centre is made up of contemporary artists, independent theatre, musicians and other artists that go under the name of “free culture”. These members came together and took up residence in an uninhabited building in 1989 and that is when the organization took form and became recognized as the Free Culture, non-governmental, non-commercial independent organization. The members all independently represent St. Petersburg contemporary art and then received the name, ‘Center of Modern Art of International Value’.

The St. Peterburg centre of modern art can be found on ten Pushkinskaya Street, near the Moscovsky railway station. When you walk onto the grounds you will immediately be shown the wide array of work that is taking place as the yard and the building is covered with graffiti, flyers, posters and schedules of concerts. The Free Cultural society works as a creative union, which pushes for the rights of artists to work at 10 Pushkinskaya Street and through this the society has become world-famous.

At the present moment the Free Cultural Society on “Pushkinskaya 10” is made up of the Museum of Nonconformist Art as well as the department author’s gallery of Vadim Voinov “Pons per Styx” and his exhibition is formed in partnership with The State Russian Museum. It also has six Art galleries, an archive and library of independent Art; a “Techno Art Centre”, a Music club café “Fishfabrique”; the Committee of the “Temple of Love, Peace and Music”, which was inspired from John Lennon. It doesn’t stop there the Cultural Society also has “The Baza”, which is a shop for alternative and experimental music and dance; an educational art studio as well as forty other studios for artists and musicians who support and are members of the “Free Culture” and last of all the art publishing houses “Petropol” and “Adia – M” and the design studio called “Art Press”.


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