D137 - Gallery of Contemporary Art

St Petersburg is a beautiful city – a master artwork in itself. In this great city you will find a number of excellent art galleries which display both classic and contemporary artworks. A visit to any number of these would add value to the travel plans of the average traveler, but as there are so many, choosing which ones to visit can be difficult. One art gallery that you may choose to visit is the D137 Gallery. Also known as the Gallery of Contemporary Art, this stunning art gallery was founded as late as 1996 and it features a number of great contemporary art exhibitions.

Gallery D137 is dedicated to contemporary art of exceeding quality and it features artworks which fall into the various art medium categories. Paintings, sculpture, drawing and photography are all proudly presented at this art gallery in exhibitions which are regularly changed and well advertised. The gallery focuses mainly on the works of well-known modern artists whose artworks are displayed in the show rooms on Nevskiy Prospect. The Gallery of Contemporary Art is also dedicated to the furtherance of art and, as such, it regularly hosts conferences on contemporary art and culture. It currently serves as the core meeting place for a number of creative meetings between national and international cultural figureheads and is well known to be one of Russia’s leading contemporary art galleries.

The current director of the art gallery is Olga Kudriavtseva. Since opening just over ten years ago, the gallery has hosted over 33 brilliant exhitions. Current artists featured at the gallery include Marina Fedorova, Elena Figurina, Valentin Gerasimenko, Georgy Gurianov, Stanislav Makarov, Oleg Micheyev, Egor Ostrov, Sergei Sergeyev, Alexandr Strelets, Denis Yegelsky and Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen. If you are a foreigner who does not know much about Russian art, these names might not mean much to you. However, their art is universal and even if you do not know much about the artists, you may well find that their artwork touches you mentally and emotionally. So for a completely moving experience in St Petersburg, visit Gallery D137. You wont regret it.


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