Fantastic Performances by the Ballet Stars of Moscow Company

You don’t have to be a dancer to appreciate the intricacy, athleticism and skill involved in ballet. Whether the dancers are employing a more classical form of the sport or they are making use of more vibrant and modern dance routines, it is easy to see that ballet is an art form that takes both time and natural talent to master. Russia is known for its excellent ballet dancers and ballet productions and many Russian ballet masters have toured the world, helping other professional ballet dancers to improve their skills and entertaining massive crowds. The Ballet Stars of Moscow Company is a troupe of excelling dancers from Russia who not only tour Moscow and other parts of Russia but the rest of the world too. If you have the opportunity to see one of their performances you should simply not miss it.

The Ballet Stars of Moscow Company is a group of ten dancers who are carefully selected from different theatres around Moscow. Each of the ten are absolutely phenomenal dancers whose poise, skill and professionalism are evident whether they are doing a single or group performance. The company has successfully toured the United States, France and a number of other countries and likely will continue to tour new countries for as long as the group is in existence. Currently the members of the Ballet Stars of Moscow Company are: Natalia Ledovskaya, Gennady Yanin, Natalia Krapivina, George Smilensky, Vitaly Breoussenko, Oleg Kozhanov, Svetlana Kozhanova, Svetlana Tsoi, Sergei Orekhov, Dmitry Dmitriyev, Anastasia Pershenkova.

Besides being selected from amongst the principle dancers from some of Moscow’s leading Ballet companies, many of these artists are medalists at a number of International Ballet Competitions so the standards enjoyed by the Company are exceedingly high. They are generally considered to be some of the finest classical dancers in the world and each performance is absolutely breathtaking. So whether you’re just starting out, a seasoned dancer or just a spectator who is starting to learn to appreciate the beauty and intricacy of ballet, make sure you catch a performance by the Ballet Stars of Moscow. You won't regret it.


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