Russian Ballet Society - Exceptional Teaching Institute

The internationally renowned Russian Ballet Society is one of the top ballet institutions in the world. The Society provides instruction for dancers of every level – whether they are just starting out or pursuing a senior teaching degree. The teaching and dancing taught at the school is of the highest standard and students are given a good grounding in the various principles needed to pursue a career in ballet, such as perseverance, positive self assertion, co-operation and concentration. They are taught to develop an awareness of inner and outer posture as well as mental and physical ability. The Russian Ballet Society also places a strong emphasis on having a healthy view of one’s own body and one’s physical well being.

The Russian Ballet Society sets its syllabus on the Legat system which was established by Nadine Nicolaeva and Nicolas Legat in 1923 and has been the core of the school’s syllabus ever since. While the institute is proud of its unbroken link from Nicolas Legat to the present, it continually revises and scrutinizes the Legat training system employed at the school to ensure that it keeps with contemporary requirements. Yet, while the society keeps up with current standards and trends, it works hard to maintain the purity and tradition of Russian Classical Ballet. The Legat Training System is a distinctive style of training that aims to promote free-flowing movement instead of rigid automation. The system comes into play once the basic technical requirements have been attained. Instead of practising repetitive and dull exercises, a variety of steps are put together in varied combinations to keep the brain stimulated and the body supple. The result is versatile, animated dance and efficient control of the body.

The society has a long standing history and offers an excellent level of teaching and examination. It covers the preparatory to primary grades as well as advanced and professional levels. Dancers wishing to teach can gain a Junior Teacher degree, an Intermediate Teacher Degree or a Senior Teacher degree at the Russian Ballet Society. The institute also accepts foreign teachers who want to adapt to the Russian style of Ballet. The Russian Ballet Society deals mainly with dancers who want to reach a professional standard of Ballet and who are seriously considering making a career out of this passion. For those of us with two left feet, performances held by the Russian Ballet Society are a real treat. Make sure you catch one when you next visit Russia.


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