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Discover Russia's Wines

Visitors to Russia may not readily associate the country with the fruit of the vine; however, there are a number of wineries worth adding to your travel itinerary. Russia's wine grape growing areas are situated between the Caspian and Black Seas, chiefly in the Krasnodar region (50% of Russian wine is produced here), Rostov region, Stavropol region and Daghestan. Interestingly, wine was being made in Greek settlements along the Taman Peninsula some 2 500 years ago.


Exploring Ferapontov Monastery

In the year 2000 UNESCO inscribed the Ferapontov Monastery as a World Heritage Site. Their motivation for listing the monastery is due to its historical value, and the fact that the monastery is seen as one of the most breathtaking medieval Russian art examples in the world. Located in Russia’s Volga Region, the monastery is no longer used for religious purposes but holds many religious treasures behind its walls. Over centuries the monastery has become a site of wonder and admiration and is one of the most popular attractions in Russia.


Russian Bicycle Tour Tips

There are a variety of options available to tourists who are visiting the fascinating and historic country of Russia. One of the tour options that is growing in popularity is bicycle tours. Some visitors choose to partake in self-guided tours of various cities or when traveling from one destination to the next. But guided bicycle tours are recommended, as guides are able to take visitors off the beaten path and show them a world they never knew existed in Russia. Of course there are a few tips and suggestions for those who still prefer to brave a new country on their own.


Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg

Vladimir Nabokov was one of the most respected and successful Russian-American writers of his time. He was born in Russia in 1899, and enjoyed a comfortable childhood in St Petersburg, which he described as perfect. His family was wealthy and Nabokov grew up as one of the privileged few in Russia. Three home languages were spoken, namely English, French and Russian. To the surprise of many, Nabokov could speak English before he could Russian. His life took a tragic turn in 1917 that was to change his life forever.


The Village of Dombay

The tiny village of Dombay in Russia is located in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, and has a population of less than five hundred permanent residents. Nestled in the Caucasus, Dombay is visited by hundreds of tourists each year, who come to enjoy the natural splendor of the landscapes and the numerous tourist related activities that are offered here. Its surroundings are enhanced by the backdrop of massive mountain ranges and spectacular wildlife, as Dombay is situated in the heart of the Teberda, or Teberdinsky, Nature Reserve.


Fascinating Taltsy Museum

A very unique attraction that is historically significant and showcases the culture and traditions of Russia is located near to Lake Baikal. Here, on a sixty-seven hectare piece of protected land, visitors will find breathtaking monuments to the past that make the Taltsy Museum one of the most popular attractions in Russia, and a day excursion that can be enjoyed by the entire family. With the peaceful Angara River silently flowing past the Taltsy Museum, the area is not only educational and fascinating but breathtakingly beautiful.


Discover the Udmurtia Republic

The picturesque Udmurtia Republic, which is also referred to as the Republic of Udmurt, is located approximately seven hundred miles outside of Moscow. It is a part of Russia that has always been, and has fought to be, independent in their way of thinking, living and religion. What began as a misunderstood community has become a republic of its own, where some still hold on to the traditions and culture practiced by the ancient tribes of Udmurtia. Visiting the Udmurtia Republic in Russia is a truly unique and wonderful experience.


The Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture in Moscow

Art and culture lovers visiting Russia should make sure that they don’t miss the Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture (GCCC) when touring Moscow. This fantastic venue offers visitors a chance to soak in local contemporary culture at an appealing and fashionable venue.

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