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Top Bird Watching Destinations

Russia is the largest country in the world, offering a multitude of exciting bird watching opportunities in diverse natural habitats – forests, mountain, tundra, swamps, lakes, rivers and seacoast.


Fantastic Shopping in Moscow

The GUM department store in Moscow, Russia, is a historical building that served many purposes before becoming the centre of modern fashion and lifestyle accessories. Its design and interior are breathtaking and can be described as a work of art. But after visitors have gotten over the sheer magnificence of the building, their attention is quickly drawn to the shops and stores that await them in this three storey shopping paradise.


Appreciating the Craft of Russian Khokhloma

The Russian craft known as Khokhloma is a specialized technique of painting wood which has been part of Russia’s traditional crafts for more than 300 years, and is still being practiced by skilled craftsmen today. This craft first came to light in the latter part of the 17th century in the trade settlement of Khokhloma – from which the craft took its name – in the area of Russia now known as the Koverninsky District of the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.


Cowboys and Indians at the Wild Western Festival

Next to the Moskva River, lies a city by the name of Mozhaisk. Although small, it was a vital fortress centre, survived the German onslaught and rejoiced in its recapturing by the Russian military forces during the years 1941 to 1942. It has seen wars, warriors, peace, soldiers, weapons and invaders, but more recently, it has seen an overwhelming influx of cowboys and Indians, for the Wild Western Festival at Avanpost.


Protecting the Beauty and History of the Ukok Plateau

Near where China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan border on Russia rests the Altai Mountains region. It is located in the southwestern province of Siberia and is known for its unmatched beauty and spectacular nature. The Altai Mountains are also known as the Golden Mountains, and the Ukok Plateau forms part of the natural wonder of these mountains. But the heritage and significance of the area runs much deeper than just its natural splendor; it is home to the Altai people and their ancient culture that is interwoven with the landscape.


Historic Glory of the Millennium of Russia Monument

Situated in the Kremlin of Novgorod, Russia, the famous bronze monument known as the “Millennium of Russia” was erected in 1862 to commemorate the millennium of the arrival of Rurik in Novgorod. The arrival of this prominent Varangian chieftain on what is now Russian soil, is traditionally considered to be the starting point of the history of Russia.


Touring the Siberian Flotilla Headquarters

The town of Vladivostok was established as a military post in 1860, but soon grew into a flourishing city as residents increased and quaint wooden cottages were being flanked by stone mansions. As more people started to flock to this beautiful coastal settlement, the military and naval operations also started to grow after the 1871 assessment to increase military presence in the town. The steam ships that lay in the harbor as part of the naval fleet, in later years, were replaced by torpedo boats and submarines, and military personnel worked from the Siberian Flotilla Headquarters, which can still be seen on Svetlanskaya Street.


An Outing at the Moscow Dolphinarium

The Moscow Dolphinarium is housed in the Palace of Water Sports, a building that was constructed for the Olympic Games hosted by Russia in 1980. In 1994 the Moscow Dolphinarium was opened and soon become one of the city’s top attractions – for adults and children alike.

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