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The Magnificent Constantine Palace at Strelna

The historic settlement of Strelna is situated approximately half way between the city of St. Petersburg and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Peterhof. Strelna overlooks the Gulf of Finland, the easternmost segment of the Baltic Sea, which has Finland to the north, Estonia to the south and Russia to the east.


Marvelous Entertainment at Durov Animal Theater

Established in 1912 by Vladimir Durov, and currently being run by his great-granddaughter Natalia, the Durov Animal Theater in Moscow, Russia, continues to entertain, enthrall and amaze children (and adults) five days a week throughout the year. This truly unique Moscow institution features a big stage where horses, Afgan wolfhounds, dogs, monkeys, cows, a hippopotamus, tigers, chimpanzees and pelicans showcase their incredible abilities. Poodles, a monkey, a white porcupine, a raccoon, foxes, mice and more are the stars of the Durov Animal Theater small stage.


Beautiful Performances by the St. Petersburg Ballet Theater

Konstantin Tachkin’s highly acclaimed St. Petersburg Ballet Theater, which was formed on 10 November 1994, is considered to be the youngest ballet companies in the Russian city of St. Petersburg – a city rich in culture, history and tradition. Of the more than 60 dancers in St. Petersburg Ballet Theater, the majority are graduates from the well-respected Vaganova Ballet School in St. Petersburg, having trained under the tutelage of renowned former prima ballerinas and dancers.


Explore the Natural Splendor of Lake Seliger

Lake Seliger is situated in the northwest of the Valdai Hills of Russia and forms part of the Volga Basin. The lake is a protected nature reserve and is surrounded by picturesque hills covered in pine and birch forests. The only town on Lake Seliger is Ostashkov – one of Western Russia’s most popular resorts. Situated about 360 kilometers from Moscow, Lake Seliger is a popular weekend getaway for many Muscovites, as well as being an international tourist attraction.


MITT - Moscow Travel and Tourism International Exhibition

The Moscow Travel and Tourism International Exhibition (MITT) is one of the world’s most influential events devoted to the travel and tourism industry. The 15th anniversary of this highly successful exhibition will be held from 19 to 22 March 2008 at the modern Expocentr on the outskirts of the bustling city of Moscow, Russia. MITT serves as a platform for travel and tourism specialists from around the globe to network with others in the tourism industry, as well as showcasing their tourism packages to the general public.


Museum of the History of Jeweler and Lapidary Arts

Yekaterinburg is an important city in central Russia that was founded in 1721 by Russian statesman, Vasily Tatischev, and German-born Russian military officer and metallurgist, Georg Wilhelm de Gennin. The city has many beautifully preserved historic buildings, some dating back to the founding of the city. There are more than thirty museums in Yekaterinburg, including the fascinating Museum of the History of Jeweler and Lapidary Arts, which was established in 1992.


Awe-inspiring Landscapes of Stolby Nature Reserve

Situated on the east bank of the Yenisey River, about three kilometers upstream from the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, the Stolby Nature Reserve is renowned for its diverse natural beauty. Covering an area of approximately 47,000 hectares, the Stolby Nature Reserve takes its name from the enormous rock formations that are found within its boundaries. Stolby is the plural form of the word “stolb”, the Russian word for “pillar”. Around 100 of these beautiful rocky cliffs are scattered throughout the taiga forest, rising majestically up out of the trees.


Moscow House of Photography

The Moscow House of Photography, situated in Ostozhenka Street in Moscow, Russia, was officially opened in 1996 following two years of preparation and planning. As the first Russian museum dedicated to the representation and development of the art of photography in Russia, the Moscow House of Photography is one of the most visited museums in the Russian capital.

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