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Cosmonautics Day – Celebrating Russian Space Exploration

Cosmonautics Day (also known as Cosmonauts Day) is a Russian holiday celebrated each year on 12 April. Cosmonautics Day was established in 1962 to commemorate the first manned spacecraft to orbit the earth, which took place on 12 April 1961. This remarkable achievement was a milestone in the Soviet space program and made worldwide news.


Massive Masterpieces of the Kremlin

The Kremlin in Moscow is a popular attraction for tourists visiting Russia. Its history and various noteworthy buildings lure thousands of travelers to its location on the Moskva River. Within the intimidating walls of the Kremlin, the residence of the Russian President, await four breathtaking cathedrals and four magnificent palaces. It is a reminder of Russian heritage and the rule of the Tsars. But, there are no greater monuments to the Tsars than the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell, which are on display in front of the Ivan the Great Bell Tower.


Relax in the Resort Town of Pyatigorsk

The small city of Pyatigorsk in Russia is located on the banks of the Podkumok River. Its name means Five Mountains, which is appropriate, as the peaks of the Caucasian mountain, Beshtau, Mount Elbrus and Mashuk can be seen surrounding the city. The entire Stavropol Krai region was proclaimed part or Russia by Ivan the Terrible in 1555, and Pyatigorsk was founded in the year 1780. Its most popular attraction, the mineral springs, became a health spa in 1803, crowning it one of the oldest spas in Russia.


The Mystery of Yusupov Palace

Along the shores of the tranquil waters of the Moika River stands a building that took two hundred years to complete to its present form, and which holds a mystery that still haunts historians and fascinates visitors. The Yusupov Palace is one of the most exquisite buildings in St. Petersburg and has become a popular tourist attraction and site of interest. Tour guides, able speak English, will gladly take visitors on prearranged tours and share the dark secrets and majestic wonders of the Yusupov Palace.


Bustling Arbat Street in Moscow

The historic and legendary Arbat Street in Moscow gained its fame in 1493, when a candle in the Church of St. Nicholas in the street caused the entire city of Moscow to burn to the ground. It was not only the disaster that catapulted the street into prominence, but in the late eighteenth century the street became popular as the aristocratic part of the city. Today, after more than five hundred years of existence and a colorful history, Arbat Street has become one of the popular tourist attractions in Moscow.


Paskha Celebrations in Russia

Easter is considered to be the most significant holiday in the Russian Orthodox Church and Easter Sunday (Paskha) is the highlight of the Easter celebrations in Russia. Followers of the Christian religion throughout Russia will spend Paskha attending religious ceremonies and eating traditional foods with family and friends in remembrance of the miracle of Christ’s resurrection. The name Paskha is taken from the Greek word Pascha being a translation of the Hebrew word for Passover.


Chekhov House Museum – Honoring a Literary Genius

It is not easy to let go of a loved one. People want their beloveds to be remembered and honored, and their lives celebrated. Russia suffered the same kind of loss and tragic bewilderment when Anton Chekhov passed away in 1904. His contributions to the history and literary world of Russia were unmatched, as was his honorable way of living and love for his city of birth, Taganrog.


The Zoological Museum of the Russian Academy of Science

The Zoological Museum of the Russian Academy of Science in St. Petersburg is the largest Zoological museum in the whole of Russia. It did not start as a museum, but more as big zoological collection of magnificent items. By 1832, it was recognized as an independent museum and was founded on the diversity of the collections in its possession. After amalgamating with the Russian Academy of Sciences in St Petersburg, the museum became known as the Zoological Museum of the Russian Academy of Science.

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