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Blini Day

Blini Day in Russia is a celebration held during Blini Week or “Maslenitsa”. This blend of Christian traditions with pagan beliefs is the last period for feasting before the beginning of the traditional Lent season of fasting. The most prominent element of Blini Week is the blini – a type of pancake which is eaten either with savory food such as fish and onions, but most often during Blini Week they are eaten with sweet toppings such as honey, syrup or jam.


The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters refers to seven skyscrapers in Moscow, Russia, that were built during the final years that Joseph Stalin was in power (1947-1953). These seven buildings stand out as different from their surroundings with their very distinctive style of architecture taken from a combination of Gothic and Russian Baroque styles and using the early twentieth century technology of American skyscrapers in their construction.


Investigate the Splendor of Tsaritsino Estate

Moscow has always been a city of historical significance in Russia. Its lavish buildings and memorials to the past have turned Moscow into a popular tourist destination and it is known as the heart of culture and arts in Russia. But on the outskirts of this amazing city, lies a place that is steeped in history and overflows with majestic beauty and architectural masterpieces – the Tsaritsino Estate.


Relax in the Beauty of Dagomys

Just outside the resort city of Sochi, is a village by the name of Dagomys. It is located along the Black Sea and it the location where Nicholas II built his holiday palace and established a botanical garden that is still popular today. Thousands of visitors flock to both Sochi and Dagomys, as they are known tourist destinations, with many noteworthy sites and activities. What makes Dagomys even more spectacular is that all the beauty of this seaside village lies against the backdrop of the majestic Caucus Mountains.


Discover a World of Art at Abramtsevo

Situated about 70 kilometers north east of Moscow, Russia, in the proximity of Khotkovo, the estate of Abramtsevo served as a center for artistic activity and the Slavophile movement in the 19th century. The Slavophiles were members of a 19th century intellectual movement that advocated the policy of developing the Russian Empire based on values derived from Russia’s early history, particularly rooting out any influences of Western European culture.


Fantastic Skiing at Krasnaya Polyana

The renowned snow skiing resort of Krasnaya Polyana (Beautiful Glade/Red Meadow) is located in the Western Caucasus of Russia at an altitude of 600 meters. Set against a stunning mountainous back-drop, this modern ski resort owes a lot of its popularity and development to the introduction of heli-skiing in the mid-1990s which provides access to previously inaccessible prime snow skiing areas. Apart from offering top class skiing opportunities to experienced skiers, Krasnaya Polyana makes provision for amateurs, with interesting ski slopes designed to assist in the development of skiing skills.


Russia’s Awe-Inspiring Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

Sputnik 1 was launched in 1958 and it was a massive victory for Russia. To celebrate this wonderful moment in the history of cosmonautics, the design created by A.N. Kolchin, A.P. Faidysh-Krandievsky and M.O. Barshch was selected to become the Monument to the Conquerors of Space. It is viewed as the most magnificent structure in Moscow. The monument consists of a beautiful shining silver rocket that rests on a Titanium stream, a hundred meters in height. On 10 April 1981, the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics was opened inside the monument. The Russian museum exhibits the long road to victory of Russian space exploration from 1920 until today.


The Diverse Traditions of Troitsa

Troitsa is a traditional Russian celebration that is known by different names. It is referred to as a holiday, but is not recognized amongst the bigger religious celebrations, and therefore time off work is not given during this period. The smaller villages and towns in Russia take this festival very seriously. Over the years and in different religions the meaning and symbolism of the Troitsa holiday varies greatly.

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