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The Wonderful Healing Powers of the Shumak Springs

The famous therapeutic Shumak Springs are located more than 1500 meters above sea level on the banks of the Shumak River in Eastern Siberia, Russia. The Shumak Springs have for many years enjoyed the reputation of having incredible curative qualities said to give relief to those suffering from a number of ailments including diabetes, circulatory and nervous system disorders, upper respiratory tract, digestive tract and liver diseases. More that one hundred springs are located in the Shumak River area, many of them with different mineral structures and, therefore, different potential health benefits.


Momix Performing in St. Petersburg

Magnificent St. Petersburg in Russia has always been synonymous with a history of arts, extraordinary culture and the host to many spectacular events. Its past, entwined with battle, war and royalty, can still be seen on the streets, in the walls of the Winter Palace and architectural wonders that were left behind by famous Russians such as Peter the Great. This year, the arts will come to St Petersburg in a spectacular fashion, a Momix extravaganza.


The Enlightening Museum of History in Ulan-Ude

The quaint and cultural town of Ulan-Ude, is situated in the heart of Siberia. Visitors who travel to Russia come to Ulan-Ude for its unique charm and its rich and fascinating history. It is a town that suffered religious oppression when the Soviets ruled Russia with an iron fist, but has been able to save and preserve the relics of this time in the Museum of History in Ulan-Ude.


Discover the Delights of Listvyanka

Near the point where the Angara River flows out of beautiful Lake Baikal, is the urban-type settlement of Listvyanka. This picturesque area in the Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, is a very popular holiday destination for foreign tourists as well as Irkutians and has many places of interest to see, as well as numerous leisure activities. Listvyanka can be reached by bus from Irkutsk. During the months of June, July and August, Listvyanka can be reached by hydrofoil and this is a very popular means of transport, as not only is it quick, but it gives travelers a lovely view of Lake Baikal.


Be Here for the Lively Russian Winter Festival

From the 25th of December to the 5th of January each year, the Russian Winter Festival combines a number of religious and secular holidays into lively, colorful celebrations. The Russian Winter Festival takes place in a number of cities throughout Russia, with the main locations being Moscow, St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Kostroma, Vladimir, Tver and Suzdal.


The Beauty within the Russian Diamond Fund

The Russian Diamond Fund is a distinctive collection of jewelry, natural nuggets and gems which are exhibited in the Moscow Kremlin, Russia. This superb collection is open for public viewing and has great artistic and historic value.


The St. Petersburg Festival of British Music

St. Petersburg in Russia is getting ready for a music festival like no other. The St Petersburg Festival of British Music has become a reality, due to the determination and effort put in by Rudi Eastwood. He has always dreamed of introducing Russia to music written by British composers who have enjoyed worldwide recognition. The St. Petersburg Festival of British Music will open the door to a new music genre for Russian musicians to explore and audiences to enjoy.


An Undeserved Reputation

It must be because some prominent Soviet politicians appeared inebriated in public view, but the popular notion of Russians being addicted to their vodka is exaggerated, if deserved at all! Yes, a spot to warm the cockles of the heart is almost inevitable in the bone-chilling ambience of any harsh winter, but Russians are not just great at food processing, but incredibly endowed in terms of a vibrant and diverse food culture as well.

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