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The “White Nights” cruise ships

The “White Nights” cruise ships were built in Germany in the 1990s to represent the well-known 302- and 301- project generations. These magnificent cruise ships are well built and comply with the strict international standards set out for building large ships. The “White Nights” are currently kept on the Russian Volga, the longest river in Europe.


Moscow - Russia's First City and the World's Most Expensive

According to the 2007 cost of living ranking by Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Moscow is the most expensive city in the world to live in. Moscow. Not New York, not Tokyo, not even runner-up London, but Moscow.


Nadia Petrova – Making Russia Proud

Nadia Petrova was born on 8 June 1982 in Moscow, Russia. A competitive spirit runs in her family with her father, Victor Petrova, excelling as a hammer thrower and her mother, Nadezhda Ilyina, winning a bronze medal in the 400 meter relay at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Both Nadia’s parents are still involved in athletics coaching. During her childhood, Nadia Petrova travelled with her parents to many countries around the world. The family settled for a time in Eqypt, giving Nadia the opportunity to train as a tennis player under the guidance of her parents and Mohammed Seif.


Nature Reserves in Russia

Few countries can match Russia when it comes to the rarest jewels of nature. This is an amazing land where you can be transported back well beyond the reaches of human history. Russia has an incredible collection of zapovedniks or nature reserves, where eco-systems are preserved in their pristine states. While it is true that Russia is extremely fortunate to have such an enormous basket of natural resources, it is also to the eternal credit of the country’s government that this inherited wealth is so splendidly protected for future generations. Many of us tend to forget that conservation comes at high costs, because a country must forego significant material and financial benefits of economic development in order to look after its natural reserves.


Ilya Muromets – A Legendary Knight

Ilya Muromets is a well known Russian mythical hero. Ilya Muromets is considered one of the greatest medieval knights of all times, who was respected for the values he stood for. Alyosha Popovich and Dobrynya Nikitich are two other legendary Russian knights that have been closely associated with Ilya Muromets.


Russian Sambo Martial Arts

Sambo is quite a complex sport to those who are not familiar with it. Some classify Sambo as a wrestling event, while others see it as a Russian form of martial arts that was created by combining different wrestling styles, self-defense techniques and a little Judo. The Russian Sambo is unique to the country and was recognized as an official Russian Sport, in the year 1938.


Kremlin Cup 2007 – Russia’s International Tennis Event

Sport enthusiasts, and particularly tennis enthusiasts, will certainly be looking forward to this year’s Kremlin Cup in Russia. This exciting annual tennis tournament will be held from the 6th to the 14th of October in 2007. The Kremlin Cup 2007 will be hosted at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow and is sure to attract large numbers of spectators, as it does each year.


A Dacha in the Country, Every Russian's Dream

The word "Dacha" can be loosely translated from Russian to mean "a house in the country" or a small rural cottage. Owning a dacha is the dream of a great majority of Russians, for a number of reasons. Historically, owning a dacha was a privilege granted by the Czar. It was Peter the Great himself who first formalized the practice, and in fact the word "dacha" in the Old Russian dialect means "something given". Since most of those given the right to own a dacha was members of the aristocracy, to own a dacha by any means was considered to be a badge of high society.

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