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The Benefits of Learning Russian in Russia

It is a well-known fact, that the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in the culture to the greatest degree possible. In this way the language starts to become a part of your life instead of merely a passing fascination. For some time now several language schools in Russia and abroad have been offering programs that not only teach you a language, but also take you to a particular country where that language is spoken.


The Timeless Swan Lake Ballet

If there is one theatrical production which is known throughout the world, the Swan Lake Ballet must be it. The score for this stunning musical performance was composed by the Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and it is a memorable ballet that has survived to our day because of its timeless grace and beauty.


Faberge Eggs - Delightful Imperial Masterpieces

Most of us have heard of a Faberge Egg and many of us have even seen one – or so we thought. In modern terms a Faberge Egg is simply thought of as being a decorated egg – regardless of whether the decorations are done with paper and glue or emerald and gold. However, a true Faberge Egg from Russia is an incredibly breathtaking item and it is worth finding out what makes these eggs so valuable.


Moscow's Famous Nikulin Circus

The Nikulin Circus building, situated at 13 Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow, is currently the home of the Moscow State Circus. It is an impressive building, with the auditorium resembling a theater rather than the traditional big top one usually associates with the circus. It has a plush red interior with comfortable seating, which is able to accommodate 2,000 spectators.


Vodka – the Spirit of Russia

For centuries now the alcoholic beverage known as vodka has long been associated with Russia. Vodka is often seen as having originated in Russia. However, the truth of the matter is that the origins of vodka cannot be traced back to one particular location.


Russia’s Exotic and Endangered Snow Leopard

Amongst the diverse and beautiful Russian fauna and flora, lurks one of the most spectacular and elusive cats, known to man. With its silky grey coat, brown and black rosettes and striped tail, the Russian Snow Leopard is an awesome sight. It is just a great pity that visitors to the country are extremely unlikely to view this extraordinary creature as they are close to extinction, and those that do stalk the rocky ridges and mountains of Russia are well hidden and very shy.


Caviar – A Delicacy Enjoyed in Russia

Russian caviar is known the world over and has been recognized as one of Russia’s most popular and bet known exports. While this expensive delicacy may not have originated in here, it has become synonymous with Russia.


Ivan Kupala Day – A Celebration of Purity and Fertility

Every year a pagan fertility rite called Ivan Kupala Day is celebrated in Ukraine and Russia during the summer holidays. Depending on the calendar, the celebration either takes place on the 24th of June if you use the Julian calendar or on the 7th of July if you use the Gregorian calendar.

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