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t.A.T.u. – Russia’s Musical Sensation

Whether you hate or rate the Russian pop music duo t.A.T.u., you simply cannot deny that for a while they were a world-wide sensation. The statistics speak for themselves and, though their fans ranged from adolescent girls to middle aged men, their appeal was certainly controversial enough to draw a lot of attention.


Kino Expo 2007

The Kino Expo was established with the purpose of exposing and exhibiting the Russian Film Industry and has been a successful event since 1999. The Kino Expo is known as an International Convention and Trade Fair that not only highlights the advances and growing popularity in the Russian Film Industry, but also the film market that exists in countries such as Latvia, Ukraine, Moldova and many more.


Alexander Nevzorov – Equine Genius

Horse lovers visiting Russia should certainly take the time to learn more about Alexander Nevzorov. This absolutely brilliant man has taken the level of understanding between horse and rider to new heights and his work has inspired thousands.


Legendary Photographer Norman Parkinson in Moscow

If you are a lover of fashion and style then you will probably already have a good idea of who Norman Parkinson is. This acclaimed and renowned fashion celebrity has blurred the boundaries of art, fashion and photography. As the Fifth Moscow International Festival gets underway, Norman Parkinson continues to make waves in the fashion world.


Boris Leonidovich Pasternak – Renowned Author of Doctor Zhivago

Boris Leonidovich Pasternak was born in Moscow on 10 February 1890, to a talented father who was an artist and a mother who was a celebrated concert pianist. His father, Osipovich Pasternak was not only a professor, teaching at the Moscow School of Painting, but was also responsible for the illustrations that can be seen in many of Tolstoy’s books.


Discover a Wealth of Cinema in Russia

It should come as no surprise that a land of such expressive people, with a bounty of culture in their essential traditions, should be masters of cinema. It might be a combination of the rare language and the negative image propagated by vested interests, which has kept Russia away from the center-stage of world cinema. However, the ‘Tenth Muse’ is a startling example of the supreme quality of drama, which Russians had conceived even before Hollywood was born in its present Avatar.


The Heritage of Kizhi

Russia never ceases to amaze a traveler with a penchant for history! Products of highly developed communities from medieval times are so well preserved that you can almost travel back in time! The tapestry of styles and cultures, all woven in to a single modern nation, simply takes your breath away!


Historical Bias against Russia

Renaissance, though associated with the original NATO bloc of Europe, especially the Catholic bastions of Italy, is in reality, at least as equally resplendent in Russia. It is to the credit of the rulers of the larger and erstwhile Soviet Empire, that unlike barbaric and acquisitive hordes such as the Nazis and the Taliban, the communists of Moscow never sought to destroy the imperialist expressions which preceded them, as long as these were cultural, artistic, and aesthetic by nature. The art and architecture of Russia is actually better preserved than in many parts of Europe which were free right from the end of World War II.

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