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Russia’s Overlooked Cuisine

It must be because some prominent Soviet politicians appeared inebriated in public view, but the popular notion of Russians being addicted to their vodka is exaggerated, if deserved at all! Yes, a spot to warm the cockles of the heart is almost inevitable in the bone-chilling ambience of any harsh winter, but Russians are not just great at food processing, but incredibly endowed in terms of a vibrant and diverse food culture as well.


Russian Sports Icons: Anna and Maria

Why do Russian women do better at Grand Slam tennis events than their male counterparts? How come we do not see Russian women top the leagues in other sports such as Golf? I think that question such as these raise pointers to the professional organization of sports amenities for young people in every country. It is not just a matter of courts and rackets, coaching and integration with primary education curricula matter.


Yaroslavl Oblast: In Honor of a Mouse!

It is only natural for a national capital to be the best known princess, though many of her neighbors and sisters may be more alluring: so it is with Myshkin, a historic place, and a great center of culture, in the Yaroslavl Oblast due North East of the Moscow province.


The Diamond Chamber of Russia

News, rumors, and pressures about money from diamonds being used for violent purposes in some parts of Southern Africa, has both wholesale and retail buyers in doubt. Could it be that a beautiful ring or other exquisite jewelry pays for arms and ammunition to oppress some poor indigenous communities?


A Convenient Year Round Oasis of Peace and Fun in Moscow

Why is it that a typical Moscow trip is so rushed and tense? Part of the reason is that the metropolis is almost a country by itself, with more to see and to do than you can possibly fit in with your itinerary! Muscovites are a serious lot, especially when you visit them in formal settings, and their dour expressions can make business negotiations quite stressful!


A Holiday by the Black Sea in Odessa

Odessa in the Ukraine is quite unlike any other city in Russia. This may be because it has always been a leading Black Sea port and a center for trade and commerce. Further, like all ports it is very cosmopolitan by nature and very spirited too. You will discover a blend of Russian, Ukrainian and Mediterranean culture here. Even the Russian spoken here is a uniquely accented dialect.


Russian Lakes: The Heritage of Kizhi

Russia never ceases to amaze a traveler with a penchant for history! Products of highly developed communities from medieval times are so well preserved that you can almost travel back in time! The tapestry of styles and cultures, all woven in to a single modern nation, simply takes your breath away!


The Sakhalin Region: Russia’s Wild Wild East

Sakhalin Island is the largest island in the Russian Federation, lying just off the eastern coast of Russia in the Sea of Okhotsk. The very narrow Mamiya Strait separates the island’s northern portion from the mainland, while its southern cape is close to the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. Sakhalin is part of Russia’s part of Sakhalin Oblast.

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