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The Exciting Potential of the Russian Economy

People, who speak effusively about the massive opportunities in India and China, often overlook the Russian situation. Russia has a greater land mass than any other country. Its wealth of natural resources is staggering. Russia has such a large reserve of energy sources that all of Europe worries about its dependence on this giant! Russian technical human resources are also numerous and constitute a major talent pool which can confront most other nations.


Russia: A Highlight of Every Saint-Petersburg Stay

The beauty and romance of the city is now widely known, so expecting a Cinderella-like experience in St. Petersburg is commonplace! Nevertheless, lodgings and victuals in a country under decades of communist rule must raise a few doubts in the minds of novices to Russia. Indeed there is considerable justification for such trepidation, but fortunately St. Petersburg is an oasis of pampered luxury in terms of a place to stay.


Russians Still Know to Make Money!

We do not know if Soviet citizens lacked the urge to make money, but there can be no doubt on this score when it comes to today’s Russians! There is an amazing difference between the hard communist regimes of the past, and the bubbling capitalist democracy of today, which have ruled over the largest country in the world, since the last World War as the phenomenon of common Russian enterprise is stunning when we consider the impediments in ways to make money from which an entire generation suffered. The talent to make money in creative but honest ways is central to the character of the people who inhabit, though sparsely, the vast stretch between Europe and the far reaches of Asia. Communism for all its fanfare and longevity has not been able to dent the spirit of the Russian people.


Riding Moscow’s Subways - Russia

Opulent, vaulted, marble-columns. Ornate mosaics and stunning stained glass. You’ll find yourself wondering if you’re really traveling along Moscow’s famed underground subway system or if you’re visiting a museum! In reality you’re experiencing both.


How the WTO Impacts the Russian Economy

Harsh criticism of the World Trade Organization (WTO) has become so common in the free world that we tend to forget its invaluable role in helping ordinary folk make money. Nowhere in the world is this more apparent than in the remains of the Soviet Union, such as Russia. This year is a watershed year for the WTO, as it marks the entry of Russia in an international system which helps ordinary citizens in member countries make money through small enterprise. Indeed, it is such concerns which make WTO officials take part in endless rounds of negotiations. Some people, especially those with steady and salaried jobs, tend to look down on the WTO, for it does not matter to them in real life.


Siberia May Be Colder Than What You Expected!

Siberia is even colder than you thought, but still way beyond a wasteland for political prisoners! Though Siberia’s latitude makes you wish you had fur, the countryside is much greener and full of life than you may think. It is an exceptional place for a vacation with a difference, though you should not look for creature comforts any more than you would on a tip to Outer Space!


Travel Opportunities to Make Money in Russia

Russia is full of inbound travel opportunities which can make money for people on both sides of a group travel arrangement. The Iron Curtain years of the Soviet Union have only whetted our appetite for rich Russian culture. This vast country has a plethora of natural and historical attractions which few other travel destinations can match. The cost of living remains comparatively low even as the local population re-learns the joys and ways of how to make money in the 21st century world.


How to Get Around in Russia

Though Russia has trains, planes, and roads like everyone else, it is the country’s vast network of waterways which offer the most attractive form of travel within the country. The Russians have certainly endorsed this view over the centuries, because water transport has always been an integral part of national life here.

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