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KVAS: Drinks and Beverages of Russia

If you visit Russia in summer, you will find street vendors in every corner offering Kvas. Popular since ancient times, Kvas is a fermented non-alcoholic or mildly alcoholic beverage (under 2.2%) that can be made at home from a variety of vegetables and fruits. However, most homemade kvas is made from dried rye bread or barley, to which sugar and yeast is added to help fermentation. Many people add flavorings to kvas after making it. Mint is a favorite, but berries, raisins, or molasses are also popular. Commercial kvas is usually fruit-flavored, with apple and raspberry kvas being the most popular versions.


Off-the-Beaten-Path Attractions in St. Petersburg, Russia

If you have several days in St. Petersburg and have already visited all the typical tourist attractions, it's time to see the real St. Petersburg. For a great look into the history of the city, visit these less-known attractions.


Cultural Behavior in Russia

Whether you're visiting Russia for pleasure or business, there some unwritten codes of behavior and cultures you should be aware of.


Russia Myths and Truths

There are many myths and prejudices about Russia, most of which are far from the truth.


Seeing Russia by the Trans-Siberian Train

One of the most romantic and memorable trips that one could take during a visit to Russia would be on the Trans-Siberian railway. The train is world-famous and many have called it "the ride of a lifetime."


Discovering Russia

Opulent, vaulted, marble-columns. Ornate mosaics and stunning stained glass. You'll find yourself wondering if you're really traveling along Moscow's famed underground subway system or if you're visiting a museum! In reality you're experiencing both.

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