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Zhostovo – Combining Art and Practicality

Taking its name from its village of origin, Zhostovo painting goes back many generations. Initially, the trays were decorated with landscapes, scenes of social gatherings and troika horse rides, but these were later replaced by the intricate and colorful floral designs distinctive to the art of Zhostovo painting. Zhostovo trays most often have a dark background that serves to accentuate the colorful floral arrangements and patterns of the artist. Many of the processes in creating one of these masterpieces are similar to the craft of Russian lacquer painting on papier-mâché and wooden items, such as trinket boxes.


Erarta – Celebrating Contemporary Art

Located in Saint Petersburg, and promoted as the largest non-governmental museum of contemporary art in Russia, Erarta provides a venue for artists to display their works, while at the same time encouraging visitors to discover the immense innovative talent of contemporary artists. The time period considered to be contemporary is art that was created after the end of World War II (1945) to the present day. The earliest works displayed at the museum date back to the 1950s. The term contemporary art covers a wide spectrum of mediums and subject matter, and Erarta has divided these into three main categories, namely: Freedom, Ingenuity and Skill.


Observing Russia Day

Marking the date that the First Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic on 12 June 1990, Russia Day is a national holiday that has been observed annually since 1992. It was in this year that the Supreme Soviet of Russia, which was in power at that time, proclaimed 12 June as a national holiday, naming it the Day of signing the Declaration of State Sovereignty, or Russian Independence Day. The national holiday was reaffirmed in 1994 by the Russian President's decree, and in 1998 it was declared as the Day of Russia, or Russia Day, with the new Labor Code giving its official seal to the title in 2002. Russia Day is a public holiday, with banks, public services and schools remaining closed.


Russia's Famous Gzhel Ceramics

The exact date of establishment of the village of Gzhel is unknown; however, it was first documented in records in the fourteenth century. Located approximately fifty kilometers from the city of Moscow, little is known about the history of the village except for the fact that by 1784 the village had grown to have a few inns, numerous manufacturing establishments and retail shops. It is also home to a significant art form that is unique to Russia and carries the name of the village, namely Gzhel ceramics.


The Legacy of Dostoevsky

The Russian writer Dostoevsky is best known for two popular works, namely “Crime and Punishment” and “The Brothers Karamazov”. He explored the human psychology and was said to have been the first to bring existentialism to light through his novel “Notes from Underground”. Dostoevsky left his mark on the literary world of Russia with thousands of scholars examining his work. Sites related to the famous writer and locations that inspired him have since become popular attractions in Russia.


Learn to Play Gorodki

Gorodki can be described as a form of street skittles. It is a sport in Russia that has been played for centuries, but only received official rules and regulations in 1923 in order for a fair All Soviet Union Gorodki competition. It has spread to various countries, such as Estonia, Finland and Sweden, but remains a popular leisure activity in Russia that was also once enjoyed by legendary figures including Leo Tolstoy, Peter I, Joseph Stalin, Maksim Gorky and Vladimir Lenin.


Moscow International Motor Show

The 12th Moscow International Motor Show is set to take place from 28 August through to 1 September 2008 in the prestigious Crocus Expo Exhibition Center. Visitors to the 32,000 square meter motor show can expect to see exhibitions by more than 800 companies representing 30 countries. The five-day event attracts more than 100,000 visitors, many of whom are specialists in the automotive industry.


Monomakh’s Cap – Controversy and Pride

Established in the year 1808, as nominated by Alexander I, the Kremlin Armory is the oldest museum in Moscow, Russia. It was originally constructed in 1508 to house the arsenal of the royal family, but later became a treasure trove of jewelry, art and historical artifacts. Even though the Kremlin Armory, at the Moscow Kremlin, was assigned as a museum in 1806, the public only had the opportunity to view the many breathtaking pieces, of the history of Russia seven years later. One of its most prized possessions is the Monomakh’s Cap, also referred to as the Golden Cap.

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