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Explore Oranienbaum Park

Located west of the city of St. Petersburg on the scenic Gulf of Finland, Oranienbaum Park incorporates some of the grand historic buildings of the area, including the Grand Menshikov Palace (not to be confused with St. Petersburg’s palace of the same name), the Chinese Palace, Stone Hall and the three-storey baroque pavilion known as Sliding Hill, which once served as the starting point for a rollercoaster-style ride down the hillside using wheeled carts or sleds.


Tour the Interesting City of Izhevsk

Located on the banks of the Izh River, the city of Izhevsk is the capital of the Udmurt Republic of Russia. While today visitors are free to come and go in Izhevsk, during the Soviet era it had the status of being a ‘closed city’ with restricted access for foreigners due to the manufacture of military equipment and weapons that took place in and around the city. The notorious AK-47 assault rifle was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov and manufactured in Izhevsk. Kalashnikov, who was born in 1919 in the Southern Altai Region of Russia, reportedly still lives in Izhevsk. Although armaments are still produced in the city, the need for secrecy has diminished and there are a number of interesting tourism attractions for visitors to enjoy.


Prioksko Terrasny Reserve

The Moscow region only has one nature reserve, but it is also one of the most vital reserves in Russia. Located near the town of Serpukhov, which is on the banks of the Oka River, the Prioksko Terrasny Reserve is a very unique reserve, as it is home to a special breeding facility for bison. It is a mere hundred and ten kilometers from Moscow, and the animal and plant life of this reserve is breathtaking. Visiting the Prioksko Terrasny Reserve is a unique and unforgettable experience that is recommended to all visitors to Russia.


Memorable Melnikov House

Konstantin Melnikov is one of the most famous architects in the history of Russia. His innovative ideas and creative style when it came to architecture was way ahead of its time. Melanikov’s refusal to conform to the Stalinist architectural demands saw him leave his passion for architecture, and rather pursue work as a teacher and painter for the remainder of his life. After his death in 1974, his heirs worked on opening the Melnikov House Museum to honor the life and mind of this extraordinary architect and to preserve his masterpieces for future generations.


Astounding Putorana Plateau

To find the geographical centre point of Russia, one has to look no further than the Putorana Plateau, where you will find Lake Vivi, the centre of the country. Over and above this fascinating feature, the Putorana Plateau is an area of wonder and beauty, filled with wildlife and breathtaking views. It is one of the most popular attractions in the Central Siberian Plateau, with its highest peak being Mount Kamen that looms over the landscape at 1 700 meters.


Historical Krutitsy Monastery

Moscow is home to a host of breathtaking historical buildings, activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. As a major city in Russia, it has everything to offer the adventurous traveler. For those seeking to explore the beauty and heritage of the country, there are noteworthy sites such as the Krutitsy Monastery to discover. Located on the banks of the Moskya River, the monastery is surrounded by breathtaking views and tranquility. It is also the site of a once thriving place of religion, which was saved from disrepair to be marveled at by thousands today.


Visiting Yoshkar-Ola

Located approximately eight hundred kilometers from the city of Moscow, Yoshkar-Ola is the capital city of the Mari El Republic. It is a very small city, with its most recent census calculating that the population is approximately 280 thousand. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the city lost many of its manufacturing and production activity, and is now known to be a major center for shuttle traders. There is, however, a number of fascinating attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy, making Yoshkar-Ola quite a popular destination.


Tour Basegi National Park

Russia is one of the most breathtaking destinations in the world, as nature enthusiasts have many national parks and reserves to choose from whilst exploring the wildlife and diversity of the country. In winter and in summer there are wonders waiting to be discovered, which are unique to each season. The Basegi National Park is a popular attraction in Russia and a park that overflows with a variety of animal life and different vegetation. Many visitors prefer to explore the Basegi National Park on hiking routes, while others join guides provided by tour operators to learn more about the Basegi region.

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