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Yelabuga: A Small Town with Lots to Offer

Many of Russia’s smaller cities and villages are often overlooked by tourists visiting Russia – and some of them really don’t seem much worth visiting. But the beautiful little town of Yelabuga has much worth seeing and if you have the time you should definitely try to make a stop here during your travels.


Exploring the Republic of Dagestan

The Russian Republic of Dagestan, located with the Caspian Sea to the east, Chechnya and Georgia to the west and Azerbaijan to the south, while officially forming part of Russia, bears little evidence of that fact. Dagestan means ‘country of mountains’ and this is an apt description, as some areas are so high and remote that they can only be reached by helicopter. With its rugged natural beauty, multicultural population and ancient history, Dagestan has also been described as a ‘diamond in the rough’ with many facets that shine through for travelers willing to spend time discovering its treasures.


Tour the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan

The historical city of Kazan is one of the biggest cities in Russia and serves as a commercial, cultural and industrial powerhouse. As a cultural center, it is a vital protector of the ancient Tatar culture and many museums and monuments in Kazan educate the public on the Tatars and their significant history in Russia, and in the city. It is also the Republic of Tatarstan’s capital city and amongst the bustle of everyday life, museums such as the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan, allow quiet moments of reflection on the past up to the present.


Step Back in Time at Perm 36

Some political prisoners were able to enjoy some sunshine at times, while others were locked away in their cells permanently. Even if those locked away had been given the opportunity to venture outside, their outlook would have been just as grim. The high fences, barbed wire and high tech security systems of the day, ensured that escape was almost impossible, and guards in the watchtowers kept a close eye on the movement within the camp. Perm 36 was notorious for being the most brutal camp for political prisoners and the only one that has survived to become a museum and monument to those who suffered and lost their lives while imprisoned by the GULAG regime.


Domik Petra Pervogo : A Tribute to Peter the Great

Russia was ruled by Peter the Great, or Peter I, between the years of 1682 until his death in 1725. Taking the throne at the age of seventeen, Peter the Great has become known as a leader that brought great reform and change to Russia and standing at close to seven feet tall and of broad stature, Peter the Great was said to have had a presence that commanded respect and was always directly involved in all his projects. One of his dwellings, Domik Petra Pervogo, has become one of the most popular attractions in St. Petersburg, where he resided while establishing the city.


Jalil Opera and Ballet Theater - Kazan's Cultural Heritage

In the year 1803, a small theater was established and opera began to infiltrate the city of Kazan in Russia. By the late 1800’s a permanent theater was constructed and in 1851 the residents of Kazan sat down to listen to Italian Opera for the first time, with a performance by the Italian Opera Company. It was only in 1938, that the government decided on establishing the M. Jalil Opera and Ballet Tatar Academic Theatre, or Jalil Opera and Ballet Theatre that is today considered to be home to one of the best troupes performing in Russia.


The Refreshing Kazan Aqua Park

The city of Kazan is as old as it is beautiful. The city is the capital of the Tatarstan Republic and it is also regarded as being one of Russia’s most beautiful and largest cities. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why Kazan is a UNESCO World Heritage city!


Kungur Ice Cave : An Underground Wonderland

Located in the south-east of the Perm Krai (region) of Russia, the town of Kungur has a number of fascinating features which attract visitors from all over Russia, as well as beyond its borders. Kungur has some superb examples of historic architecture, some of which dates back to the 18th century, and the surrounding countryside is a nature-lover’s dream come true. One of the most remarkable natural wonders of Kungur is the Kungur Ice Cave, which is considered to be among the best caves systems found in Russia.

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