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Anapa : A Charming Resort City With An Interesting Past And A Bright Future

The resort city of Anapa is located on the Black Sea, which means that not only does it offer sunny days and pristine beaches, but it is also connected to other countries, such as Turkey, Bulgaria and Ukraine, that also border on the Black Sea. Anapa is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Russia, as locals prefer its simple charm and relaxing atmosphere to other luxury resorts, as it is just as breathtaking, at a fraction of the cost. Few international visitors have discovered the magnificence of Anapa, and with its developing infrastructure, it is hoped more tourists will visit the resort town when traveling in Russia.


Kronshtadt: A Salute To Russia’s Past

The island of Kotlin, first belonged to the Swedes, but Peter the Great secured the island for Russia in the year 1703 and by the next year, fortifications on the island had already sprung up. Kotlin Island was the base for the elite Baltic Fleet, and was a line of defense for St. Petersburg. It was the site of many historical happenings, and more specifically, Kronshtadt played a dramatic role in the history of the island. Today, Kronshtadt remains a vital port city and falls under the World Heritage Site: St Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments, which makes it a popular tourist destination in Russia.


Elk Island Nature Park : A Peaceful Haven in a Busy City

Ivan the Terrible was known to hunt and practice falconry here, and most of the royalty of Russia had reserved Losiny Ostrov National Park, exclusively for their use. In the year 1799, the land on which the park, also referred to as the Elk Island Nature Park, is located, was declared as a reserve, leading to the establishment of the first forest management team in the year 1842. But discussions to declare Elk Island Nature Park as a national park, only came about in 1909 and in 1983, the Losiny Ostrov National Park was officially created.


Restored Beauty of Tavrichesky Sad

St. Petersburg is popular with tourists, as it has everything one would want to experience in Russia in one destination. The city has theaters, monuments, historical buildings and noteworthy attractions scattered all around it. Amongst the breathtaking structures and sights, St. Petersburg also has breathtaking gardens and natural wonders just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. There is the Catherine Garden, Summer Garden, Moscow Victory Park and one of the most popular, Tavrichesky Sad.


Palace of the Romanov Boyars

The Palace of the Romanov Boyars in Moscow serves as a testament to the history of a family that climbed the social and political ladder in Russia, culminating in Mikhail Romanov being elected as Tsar in 1613. This magnificent building was restored in the mid 1800s by Tsar Nicholas I, and turned into a museum as a tribute to his ancestors, offering fascinating insight into the world of early aristocratic life in Moscow that may not form the basis of mainstream knowledge of Russian history, but is nonetheless significant.


The Krutitsy Monastery – An Architectural Wonder

The Krutitsy Monastery is located near the Kremlin in Moscow and is one of the important religious attractions in Russia today. Constructed on the banks of the Moskva River, its name is derived from the Russian word “krutoy”, which means steep. It is said that the Krutitsy Monastery dates back to the thirteenth century and the buildings on the estate are originals from the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Although a little neglected, this magnificent collection of buildings has remained a monument to Russian architecture.


Walk Through History at Gorki Leninskie

Located outside Moscow, the estate of Gorki Leninskie offers fascinating insight into the eventful life of Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) – the first head of the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic and later the first actual, but unofficial, leader of the Soviet Union. In acknowledgement of his role in Russia’s political history, in 1999 Time Magazine named Vladimir Lenin as one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. His political and economic theories, which built on the ideas of Marxism and are known as Leninism, form the foundation for the ideology of Soviet Communism.


A Treat for Art Lovers

If you love art you simply have to visit the Vladimir Sukachev Irkutsk Regional Art Museum the next time you go to Russia. This stunning art museum is the oldest and richest art museum in Siberia. It is absolutely brimming with an exquisite collection of art and is a visual feast for the eyes.

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