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Tour the State Vladimir Mayakovsky Museum

The State Vladimir Mayakovsky Museum located in Moscow, Russia, pays tribute to the life and works of a man who is widely considered to have been Russia’s greatest 20th century poet and who was in the forefront of Russian Futurism. The museum was opened in 1974 in the house where Vladimir Mayakovsky lived, and where he committed suicide. The house has been modeled to preserve his personal living space, while best displaying his visually powerful manuscripts as well as his agitprop posters.


Amble Through the Splendid Lefortovo Park

The charming Lefortovo Park in east Moscow is located on both banks of the Yauza River with a picturesque stone bridge joining the two sides. The park features beautiful gardens, ponds and streams, as well as Dutch-style canals and majestic old palaces that remind visitors of a by-gone era.


Tverskaya Ulitsa – The Merging of Old and New

Tverskaya Ulitsa is the main road of Moscow, and one of the most popular shopping districts for both locals and tourists. Not only do the boutiques and shops keep tourists busy while exploring Tverskaya Ulitsa, but it is a street that is lined with historical buildings, entertainment and attractions. It is where the bustle, excitement and magnificence of Moscow can be found in one street. What began as a winding standard road to exit the city many centuries ago, has evolved into a street that has taken on a life of its own, growing in importance and grandeur.


Explore the Anna Akhmatova Museum

Anna Andreevna Gorenko was born in 1889 and later became known as Anna Akhmatova, which was her pen name. Even though her work was suppressed under the iron grip of the Stalin regime and her creativity banned from publication for years, the literary world of Russia began to take note of her poetry after Stalin’s death, and she is known today as one of the most celebrated poets in Russian history. The Anna Akhmatova Museum at The Fountain House is dedicated to her memory and the work she left behind.


Tour Museum Panorama “Borodino-Battle”

The determination of the Russian military and their strategic action led to the downfall of Napoleon in Russia. It is known as the 1812 Patriotic War and the Borodino Battle has become legendary in the history of the country, as it marked the so called beginning of the end for Napoleon. And the only site in Russia that pays full tribute to this war is the Museum Panorama “Borodino Battle”. The museum and the surrounding monuments are a reminder to this war and the heroic people who contributed to its success.


Growing Trend of Yachting in Russia

The annual Yacht Festival in Moscow, Russia, celebrated the passion for boating in spectacular fashion in June. With magnificent entertainment, boat racing events, concerts and competitions, one would think that the Yacht Festival could not get any better, but this year there was one feature that stood out above the rest – for the first time ever a river yacht route was opened for everyone to enjoy. Between awards, entertainment and a festival of fun, the promoting of yachting in Russia got underway.


Space Tourism – The Ultimate Adventure

The adventurer who has seen and done it all, or the extreme sport enthusiast who has pushed the pursuit of an adrenaline rush to the limit, will be interested to hear that Russia is forging ahead with plans for space tourism, which may see adrenaline junkies rocketing off into space as soon as 2011. A private investor has given the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roskomos) tourism project a significant financial boost to enable them to build a Soyuz-TM spacecraft for tourist hire.


Oryol – A City of History and Natural Beauty

The Russian city of Oryol is situated on the banks of the Oka River, about 360 kilometers south-west of Moscow. Oryol, or Orel, is the Russian word for “eagle”, so it is fitting then that an eagle is a prominent feature on the city’s coat of arms. The area surrounding Oryol is lush and green with the Krom, Tson, Orlik and Rybnitsa Rivers meandering through the countryside on their way to meet the Oka River. Huge broad leaf forests dominate the landscape, with the national park of the Oryol forest area boasting a wide variety of fascinating flora and fauna.

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