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A Convenient Year Round Oasis of Peace and Fun in Moscow

Why is it that a typical Moscow trip is so rushed and tense? Part of the reason is that the metropolis is almost a country by itself, with more to see and to do than you can possibly fit in with your itinerary! Muscovites are a serious lot, especially when you visit them in formal settings, and their dour expressions can make business negotiations quite stressful!

Regardless of how rushed you may feel in Moscow, there can be no denying that you are in a place of great culture and historic importance. You will inevitably feel a pressing need to get the most out of your trip, keeping in mind that you must take stock on returning home, of all that you have seen and accomplished during your trip.

A family, especially with children, poses additional hurdles in the way of getting things done during a Moscow visit, for it is quite impossible to keep them confined within hotel rooms and apartments. Though both English and German are widely spoken on the streets, the script of the street signs and public directions takes more than a few days for the English-speaking to decipher.

The Gorky Park is a single-window solution to all the problems I have enumerated so far! First, it is easy to get there and return to your lodgings as well, for there is a rail station right across the river. Secondly, the 300-acre spread will appeal to both sexes and all age groups. The rides are not just pure fun, but offer the best aerial views you can get of the greater city area, without taking off in an aircraft. The replicas of space craft may be meant for children, but they are good enough for the most self-respecting adults to enjoy as well! Ice-skating and sculpture expositions in winter, and river cruises in summer lend a year-round variety to Gorky Park, so be sure to include quality time for this gorgeous greenery whenever you visit Moscow! You will find it easier to cope with your business agenda, tourist compulsions, and all children who happen to be around, will love you for it as well!


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