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Alexander Nevzorov – Equine Genius

Horse lovers visiting Russia should certainly take the time to learn more about Alexander Nevzorov. This absolutely brilliant man has taken the level of understanding between horse and rider to new heights and his work has inspired thousands.

Most people know or have visited the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and have marveled at the beautiful white stallions as they dance at the slightest commands of their riders. If you go to Russia, however, you will find a new kind of euphoria gripping the equestrian community. This movement is spear-headed by the work and research of Alexander Nevzorov – a man who truly could be called an equine genius.

After spending countless hours studying various bits and their effects, Alexander Nevzorov published a book and produced a movie called ‘The Horse Crucified and Risen’, which discusses the cruelty and pain inflicted on many horses over the ages in an effort to gain their submission. This lead to the development of what has become a world-wide movement – a trend towards “bit less riding” where horse racers and riders have chosen to remove the traditional bit and replace it with either a neck strap or, more commonly, a bit less bridle.

The bit less bridle is different from the hackamore in that it does not create direct pressure on the horse’s nose. Therefore it does not afflict any pain on the animal. Alexander Nevzorov himself prefers to make use of the neck strap – a simple strap which rests on the base of a horse’s neck – to communicate his thoughts to his horses. The results are astounding.

Up to this time it has been commonly perceived that you simply cannot perform the advanced ‘haute ecole’ maneuvers of the Spanish Riding School without the aid of a bit. However, Nevzorov has proved otherwise. This equine genius has taken his understanding of the horse's natural ability to collect itself and has gained trust and understanding that has enabled him to get his horses to perform to the highest degree possible – both in hand and under the saddle – all without the use of force. Nevzorov performs courbettes bareback with nothing but a neck strap to aid him and he brings out the best in his horses with nothing but mutual understanding and trust. To some it might seem as if you are watching the Lipizzaners of Vienna stripped bare of all their paraphernalia and just enjoying the trust and communication of their master.

While displays by Nevzorov himself are not all that common, you may be able to watch one of his many disciples in action or even arrange a lesson. Lectures are also held as often as possible and attending such a lecture would no doubt be an absolute eye-opener. You can learn more by visiting Alexander Nevzorov’s official website.


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