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An Outing at the Moscow Dolphinarium

The Moscow Dolphinarium is housed in the Palace of Water Sports, a building that was constructed for the Olympic Games hosted by Russia in 1980. In 1994 the Moscow Dolphinarium was opened and soon become one of the city’s top attractions – for adults and children alike.

Dolphins are considered to be among the most intelligent animals in the world and readily interact with humans. Their friendly appearance and playful nature has endeared them to many. They are very sociable creatures and within their community – either called a school or a pod – dolphins enjoy playing with one another. In some parts of the world it is possible for members of the public to swim with dolphins, an activity which is widely considered to have therapeutic benefits. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to visit dolphins in their natural habitat though, so a visit to the Moscow Dolphinarium gives young and old the opportunity to get to know these incredible creatures a bit better.

During the show at the Moscow Dolphinarium the dolphins balance balls on their noses, jump through hoops, walk on the water with their tails, clap their flippers, catch rings and race against one another – all in obedient response to signals given by the trainers. Watch out if you are sitting in the front rows, as these playful creatures love to splash the audience! Other animals that perform amazing tricks in the show include beluga whales, South African fur seals and northern sea lions.

It is evident that the dolphins and their trainers have formed a strong bond during the hours they spend together in training. The trainers have observed that the dolphins love attention and will at times be quite naughty in order to be noticed. The head trainer, Vladimir Sergeevich Petrushin, relates how one of the dolphins, when looking for attention, lies quietly at the bottom of the pool as though injured or dead and when the trainer goes to its rescue, it suddenly comes to “life” and speeds off around the pool, seemingly delighted at having fooled the trainer.

The main pool of the Moscow Dolphinarium was constructed by drilling a well down to an underground saltwater lake - a depth of 1,300 meters! The water from the saltwater lake is almost identical to the sea water of the dolphins’ natural environment. Certainly the dolphins, and the other sea creatures at the Moscow Dolphinarium, are thriving under the loving care of their trainers. They show just how content they are by entertaining the crowds that gather to see them. Be sure to attend a performance at the Moscow Dolphinarium on your next visit to the capital city of Russia.


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