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Anapa : A Charming Resort City With An Interesting Past And A Bright Future

The resort city of Anapa is located on the Black Sea, which means that not only does it offer sunny days and pristine beaches, but it is also connected to other countries, such as Turkey, Bulgaria and Ukraine, that also border on the Black Sea. Anapa is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Russia, as locals prefer its simple charm and relaxing atmosphere to other luxury resorts, as it is just as breathtaking, at a fraction of the cost. Few international visitors have discovered the magnificence of Anapa, and with its developing infrastructure, it is hoped more tourists will visit the resort town when traveling in Russia.

Anapa has a fascinating history, with it being the Sindica capital first and then becoming the site on which the Pontic Greeks constructed Gorgippa during the sixth century. It became the focus point of maritime trade but by the third century it was overrun by the Natkhuaj tribe, which made it their home for centuries, until the eighteenth century invasion by the Russians. The Ottoman Turks secured Anapa for themselves and built a fortress to fend off the Russians in 1791. But the Russian forces were not that easily deterred and continued their attacks until they were victorious in 1829. After the Turks were displaced, the Circassian tribes were also forced to leave as the massacre against them would become marked down as a very dark period in the history of Russia and the Circassians.

Today, the spectacular beaches and the tranquil surroundings give no hint that this wonderful seaside resort town could be anything but peaceful. It also forms part of the Black Sea wine route and is definitely a city worth visiting during the harvesting season. Due to the region being referred to as the wine country of Russia, Anapa also has an agricultural college that forms part of their education system. The Anapa Kinshok is held in the city every year and is a major international film festival that takes place in Anapa during the month of September. With ongoing development and upgrading of the city, various facilities and services such as accommodation, transportation and recreational activities have been improved to be able to lure international visitors to Anapa and to create a tourism infrastructure that locals can be proud of.


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