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Astounding Putorana Plateau

To find the geographical centre point of Russia, one has to look no further than the Putorana Plateau, where you will find Lake Vivi, the centre of the country. Over and above this fascinating feature, the Putorana Plateau is an area of wonder and beauty, filled with wildlife and breathtaking views. It is one of the most popular attractions in the Central Siberian Plateau, with its highest peak being Mount Kamen that looms over the landscape at 1 700 meters.

Located to the northwestern region of the Central Siberian Plateau, the Putorana Plateau falls within the Putorana Nature Reserve, which was established in the year 1988. It not only protects and conserves the plateau but ensures that the rare fauna and flora of the area will continue to flourish for years to come. Its delicate ecosystem consists of unique plant life such as arctic desert systems, taiga and forest systems, giving the nature reserve extraordinarily diverse vegetation of over four hundred species. Bighorn sheep are also found within the Putorana Nature Reserve, as well as the biggest herd of reindeer in the world.

The plateau itself is believed to have been created by tectonic fractures, forming a breathtaking geography, complete with waterfalls and river valleys. One of its waterfalls is 108 meters in height. Lakes, which are extremely deep and narrow, blanket the plateau; with some of the well-known lakes being Ayan, Lama, Keta and Glubokoye. Teletskoye and Baikal are the largest of these lakes, being approximately four hundred meters deep in certain areas and reaching lengths of almost a hundred and fifty kilometers. For scientists, it is the mountain massif that is of the most importance, as its historical value in regard to the Mesozoic and Palaeozoic eras are a wealth of information. Its basalt and tufa layers, as well it the nickel deposits, have assisted scientists in understanding how the Putorana Plateau was formed and it has been determined that it once was a site of volcanic activity.

For visitors, however, it is merely a site of unmatched beauty and a great opportunity to explore the nature, generous bird life and wildlife of Russia. The nearest town to the Putorana Plateau is Norilsk, from which visitors can plan their expeditions and exciting adventures on the mountain. The Putorana Plateau was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010.


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