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Chekhov House Museum – Honoring a Literary Genius

It is not easy to let go of a loved one. People want their beloveds to be remembered and honored, and their lives celebrated. Russia suffered the same kind of loss and tragic bewilderment when Anton Chekhov passed away in 1904. His contributions to the history and literary world of Russia were unmatched, as was his honorable way of living and love for his city of birth, Taganrog.

Anton Chekhov was born on the 29th of January 1860 into a poor family. By 1879, Chekhov had enrolled into classes to complete a five year doctor’s degree at the Moscow State University Medical Faculty. To support his family and to increase his income, Anton Chekhov started writing short stories, authored journalistic pieces and tried his hand at comic sketches. His literary work received a warm welcome from the public and his humoristic work especially found a home in the hearts of the poor and underprivileged communities, who could escape the serious reality of their lives.

Chekhov was respected by many famous authors, as he was able to take care of his family, run his medical practice and conjure up enthralling imaginative tales of wonder and suspense. While living in the double story house in Moscow, now converted to the Chekhov House Museum, he created some of his best work. Chekhov became known for works such as the “Three Sisters”, “The Seagull” and “Uncle Vanya”, which became the most loved theatrical works that have been performed and have become part of the culture of Russia. Out of love for Taganrog, Chekhov sent books to the Taganrog Public Library between the years 1890 to 1904, some were autographed, some rare collector’s items, and some were the favorite stories of Chekhov. After the tragic death of Chekhov in 1904, the library was named in his honor and the first Chekhov Museum was created here until 1907, when plans to construct the Chekhov House Museum got underway.

Visitors to the Chekhov House Museum will have the rare opportunity to view the consulting rooms from where Chekhov ran his practice, original playbills, writings, theater productions and many of his literary works. His life seen through the exhibitions and workshops held at the museum, brings honor and insight into the daily routine and writing genius of this famous Russian. The museum is a wonderful reminder of the struggles overcome, sensational literary works of art and the legacy that has been left behind, by Anton Chekhov.


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