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Cowboys and Indians at the Wild Western Festival

Next to the Moskva River, lies a city by the name of Mozhaisk. Although small, it was a vital fortress centre, survived the German onslaught and rejoiced in its recapturing by the Russian military forces during the years 1941 to 1942. It has seen wars, warriors, peace, soldiers, weapons and invaders, but more recently, it has seen an overwhelming influx of cowboys and Indians, for the Wild Western Festival at Avanpost.

Last year, Avanpost hosted the first Wild Western Festival in Russia, and due to its unprecedented success and growing interest in this event, the Wild Western Festival will take place again this year, on the 14th of June 2008. The festival is thematic, and it is a colorful event that transports visitors back to the Wild West, and the times where horses were the only transport and survival was in the hands of the man with the fastest draw. Because of the great number of equestrian enthusiasts in Russia, the festival draws a large crowd of professional riders and members of the horse racing industry, as well as those who just love horses, and attend for the joy of participating in some of the fun activities.

Re-enactors bring to life the history of cowboys and Indians, allowing spectators a glimpse into the culture and lives of these legendary characters and historians are on hand to accompany visitors on their journey into the past. But, without a doubt, it is the competitions and activities at the festival that gives everyone, from those who mount a horse for the first time to seasoned riders, the opportunity to participate in the festivities and become part of the event.

The rodeo is an exciting event that exhibits some of the best known talents and cowboys, where spectators are welcome to try their hand at the rodeo arena, in a controlled environment and under close supervision. While the cowboys battle the Indians, visitors to the festival are invited to try some of the national cuisine, explore the mystery and traditions of the Indians, participate in a few classes and enjoy the live country music concerts that form part of the cowboy culture.

The Wild Western Festival is a vibrant event, filled with thrilling shows, attractions and activities that the entire family will enjoy. Become a cowboy or an Indian for a day, and visit the Wild Western Festival of Russia.


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