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Discover a Wealth of Cinema in Russia

It should come as no surprise that a land of such expressive people, with a bounty of culture in their essential traditions, should be masters of cinema. It might be a combination of the rare language and the negative image propagated by vested interests, which has kept Russia away from the center-stage of world cinema. However, the ‘Tenth Muse’ is a startling example of the supreme quality of drama, which Russians had conceived even before Hollywood was born in its present Avatar.

India has emerged as a prodigal rival to Hollywood, churning out new films, albeit often plagiarized, at assembly-line speed. Many of these use Russian women for roles which are too revealing for domestic stars. The growing demand for casual and professional associations with Russian women is due in no small measure to the stereotype of desire and abandon which they alluringly offer on Indian screens. The relationship between Russia and India has many facets, and cinema appreciation has been a delightful component for decades. Pioneering cinema artists from India have been almost as idolized by Russian society as by local audiences all over the Indian sub-continent.

The Ministry of Culture in Moscow has done an extraordinary job, by international standards of bureaucracy, to preserve the timeless qualities of cinema. Not everyone can access the secret archives of the Musel Kino in Moscow, but the public exhibition rooms have showings to delight tastes in all classic genres. Russia’s propensity to develop cinema as a sublime art form for the serious lover, is both an advantage and a drawback: there is not much to rival the populist and sensual charms of other cinema production centers of the world, but the appetite of the discerning is satiated in a most professional manner.

Russia has modern and widely-available facilities to produce top grade cinema, and for people at large to follow it as well. The whole industry is subtle, and avoids the raucous following which most other cinema producers and lovers contrive to conjure, but the true art lover does not complain about such exclusiveness!

When did you last see a Russian film?


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