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Discover Russia's Wines

Visitors to Russia may not readily associate the country with the fruit of the vine; however, there are a number of wineries worth adding to your travel itinerary. Russia's wine grape growing areas are situated between the Caspian and Black Seas, chiefly in the Krasnodar region (50% of Russian wine is produced here), Rostov region, Stavropol region and Daghestan. Interestingly, wine was being made in Greek settlements along the Taman Peninsula some 2 500 years ago.

Over 100 grape varieties are used in creating Russian wine, with the Rkatsiteli grape used most frequently. Amongst the wines produced are still, dessert and sparkling wine, with the market chiefly aimed at table wines. Let’s have a look at some of the wineries in Russia worth visiting (in no particular order).

Chateau Le Grand Vostock is found some 50km from the Black Sea in the Krimsk district. It was established in 2003, covering 1 613 hectares, 492 hectares of which is vineyards. Run by French wine specialists, the winery can produce over 1.2 million bottles a year of blended wines.

Abrau Durso Winery was founded near the Black Sea coastline, between Novorossiysk and Anapa, in 1870. Prince Lev Golitsyn, a major figure in Russian winemaking history, brought French experts to Abrau Durso in 1896 and so began its era of sparkling wine production, which has carried on down to this day.

Myskako Winery, overlooking Novorossiyk, was regularly visited by Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev. An Australian winemaker has been aiding the winery’s operations since 2002. An achievement worth mentioning is that they Myskhako 2003 Chardonnay was awarded a Bronze Medal at a wine show in London.

Fanagoria Winery can be found in Krasnodar’s Temruk district. The largest winery in the area, Fangoria is well known for its herbal wines. Its preferred wines are made from French grapes; the vines planted here in 1999.

Praskoveya Winery (or SKP Praskoveyskoe) stands near Budyonnovsk in the Stavropol region. It is Russia’s largest (over 800 hectares of vines) and oldest winery, producing more than twenty varieties of wine, along with sparkling wines and brandies. You can sample Praskoveya Winery’s products at the shop and wine bar they have opened in Moscow.

Vityazevo Winery, about 10 kilometers from Anapa, owns vineyards (over 800 hectares) and land extending over 5 000 hectares. Nearby is Lenina Winery in the Anapa district.

Why not add a bit of variety to your holiday in Russia and include a few of the country’s top wineries on your route?


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