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Discover the Splendor of Skiing in Toksovo

The village of Toksovo is situated in the midst of lush forests and serene lakes, about twenty kilometers north of St. Petersburg, Russia. Toksovo is a popular ski resort and a sought after site for dachas – second homes for city dwellers. One of the stages of the World Ski Cup was successfully hosted by Toksovo during the 2003 snow skiing season.

Toksovo is believed to have been founded in the 1500s. However, there is some evidence suggesting that the area was inhabited by the Izhorians of Ingria some 100 to 150 years prior to the first written record of the town. Following the Russo-Swedish War in 1583, Toksovo came under Swedish control, but Russia regained the territory in 1708 during the Great Northern War. Following the October Revolution, also referred to as the Bolshevik Revolution, Toksovo was excluded from Bolshevist Russia, only to be reincorporated at the end of 1920 under the Peace Treaty of Tartu.

In the early 19th century, the Toksovo region, including Kavgolovo, became popular as a ski resort and city dwellers started to build their dachas in the area. In 1937 a large ski ramp was built in Toksovo, adding to its appeal as a ski resort. With Toksovo being largely inhabited by Ingrian Finns and Finnish being the official language, the developing area came to be unofficially referred to as “Finnish Switzerland”.

During the siege of Leningrad in 1942, all Finns and Izhorians were deported from Toksovo and the surrounding areas, and a strategic radar station was set up near the town. However, in 1953 after Jospeh Stalin’s death, these deportees were permitted to return, and many did.

Today Toksovo remains a popular holiday destination for snow skiing enthusiasts. The annual Toksovo Cross-Country Ski Marathon is a popular event, attracting contestants and spectators from far and wide. There are a number of accommodation options for visitors to Toksovo, one of them being the Kamerdiner Hotel, consisting of two double-storied houses in an enclosed park-like area. Guests can make use of the comfortable Russian Bath-House on the property which is believed to have therapeutic benefits. In addition to snow skiing, visitors to Toksovo can enjoy boating, fishing, cycling, badminton and hiking.


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