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Discover the Splendor of Yugyd Va National Park

Covering an area of close to nineteen thousand square kilometers, the Yugyd Va National Park is the largest national park in both Russia and Europe. The park is located in the Komi Republic of Russia and incorporates the northern Ural Mountains and the surrounding foothills and plains, providing a range of natural habitats supporting diverse wildlife and vegetation. More than fifty percent of the park is covered in taiga boreal forest characterized by different species of conifers, and the rest of the terrain features alpine meadows, river valleys and high-elevation tundra.

It was with the main objective of protecting the taiga forests of the northern Ural Mountains, and promoting the recreational use of the area, that the Yugyd Va National Park was created by the government of Russia on 23 April 1994. The forest area of the park, along with the neighboring Pechora Llych Nature Reserve's Virgin Komi Forests, has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Birding enthusiasts will enjoy spotting the more than 180 bird species in the park, some of which are endemic and rare. The rivers and lakes of the park are home to at least twenty species of fish, as well as five species of amphibians. Mammals in the park include reindeer, ermine, wolves, foxes, wolverines, bears, weasels and pine martens.

With recreation options including rafting, boating, hiking and bird-watching, as well as Nordic skiing in the winter months, the Yugyd Va National Park has much to offer tourists who appreciate nature at its finest. For nature-lovers it may be that part of the park’s attraction is its remote location, but because of this visitor numbers are quite low and officials are reportedly concerned that the relatively low entrance fees will not cover the park’s expenses. However, through marketing and development plans, it is likely that more tourists will discover this natural treasure in the years to come.

As the park lies in the Pechora River basin, west of the Europe-Asia continental divide, it forms part of the continent of Europe. Yugyd Va National Park falls within the boundaries of Komi Republic's districts of Intinsky, Pechorsky and Vuktylsky and has administration offices in the towns of Pechora, Inta and Vuktyl.


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