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Discover the Udmurtia Republic

The picturesque Udmurtia Republic, which is also referred to as the Republic of Udmurt, is located approximately seven hundred miles outside of Moscow. It is a part of Russia that has always been, and has fought to be, independent in their way of thinking, living and religion. What began as a misunderstood community has become a republic of its own, where some still hold on to the traditions and culture practiced by the ancient tribes of Udmurtia. Visiting the Udmurtia Republic in Russia is a truly unique and wonderful experience.

Visitors to Udmurtia will be able to enjoy a continental climate. While the sun filled summers are warm and inviting, the winters are a paradise for winter sport enthusiasts, as this region is richly blanketed in snow during this season. It is also home to breathtaking coniferous forests that cover an estimated forty percent of Udmurtia. The region is fed by a great water network of rivers consisting of the Izh River, Siva River, Kama River, Cheptsa River and Kilmez River. The region also has an abundance of natural resources including mineral water, oil and peat.

The Udmurts have been mentioned in the history of Russia dating back to 100 CE and it is said that they have ethnic ties to Finland. With the name meaning ‘field people’, the Udmurts were often referred to as the ‘people of the woods’. Known for their pagan beliefs, the Udmurts were a creative community, becoming famous for their wood carving and processing abilities and woven products. Over the centuries, wars and rebellions were fought by the Udmurts for their independence and in 1932 the region was renamed to the Udmurt Autonomous Oblast. Because of the relocations being done during the Great Patriotic War, a large number of Russians were introduced to Udmurtia of which a substantial ethnic Russian population is still found in the region today. The region's traditions, rich history and wonderful landscapes make Udmurtia as interesting and fascinating as it is beautiful.


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steve assadourian - 2010-01-28 04:40:02

hello this is a very interesting and educational article,but it must also be mentioned that russian people contributed a lot both to their culture,also to protect them,throughout the past generally,and president poutines era specifically. certain aspects have been kept private,but neverthless its a great honour for udmurt,and russia .

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