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Dogs, a Sled and Snow Equals an Adventure

Well known as “Man’s Best Friend”, dogs not only make exceptional companions, but they can also assist humans in a variety of tasks. In the colder parts of the world dogs have been used to pull sleds, thus providing a convenient means of transport. Dog sledding is still a very important mode of transport today and it has now become an enjoyable adventure activity for tourists.

Dog sledding tours in Russia provide travelers who boast a strong sense of adventure with an enjoyable new avenue to explore. Far from being pandered to, dog sledding tour operators expect participants to adopt a very hands-on approach. After your arrival and perhaps a little sightseeing, a delicious meal and a good night’s rest, you are told about the basic rules of safety and given some simple instructions that will help you to later guide your own dog sled. As you can imagine, dog sledding is not something you can learn and attempt on your own overnight. However, the basics of driving are not that hard to learn and once you’ve spent a day or two acquiring these skills, you will be invited to join a caravan of dog sleds with your own sled and team of dogs. The caravan will have a knowledgeable guide and leader who will be responsible for choosing the safest paths and providing much needed help. When you’re stuck in the middle of the Russian tundra with only a restricted amount of supplies, limited (if any) cell phone signal and not much sense of direction, it is a great relief to know that your knowledgeable guide will be able to provide immediate assistance should you need it.

There is simply nothing quite like a dog sledding tour in Russia, discovering the beauty of areas such as Siberia. If you have a taste for adventure and a fondness for dogs, this is something you simply cannot miss out on. Often visitors find they come away from the experience with a whole new respect for the intelligence of dogs and their capacity to help and to heal humans. Visitors are also given unparalleled opportunities to explore little-known areas and enjoy some magnificent views. So give dog sledding a try. You might just discover a whole new passion.


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